90 Glyph Tattoo Ideas With Meaning


Glyph is a word that comes from the Greek language. It refers to graphic symbols that don’t look like letters, but more like characters. Numeric, alphabetic, symbols within a character, glyph come in various shapes and sizes. A simple-looking, clean and seemingly basic glyph can hold a great meaning. This is a great advantage when it comes to tattoos. This means that a glyph tattoo can be as personal and as cryptic as you want it to be.

A glyph tattoo isn’t self-explanatory and it isn’t rudimentary either. Usually not very large, they may look mysterious in black and white or fascinating in color. Thanks to their general geometric shape, they can be combined with elements such as flowers or landscapes. The combinations are virtually infinite.

More modern than geometric tattoos, glyph tattoos are inked in various techniques, ranging from watercolor to dotwork. They have the power to catch the eye and also leave a sense of wonder to the person who sees it. In addition, they serve as reminders, motivational symbols and much more, depending on who wears them.

Types of Glyph Tattoo Designs

There are multiple types of designs when it comes to glyph tattoos. The most popular ones are those comprising triangles. Depending on the arrangement of the lines within the triangle, the meaning changes. If the triangle is empty, you can use the space to fill with flowers or other elements that you like. Moreover, there are glyph used for zodiac signs, shaped like arrows and those that look like roman numbers. You can look at the pictures below to identify some of them and many steal some ideas as well!

Pain Expectancy vs. Your Personal Tolerance

A glyph tattoo can be placed anywhere on your body. So, when it comes to pain levels, they will differ according to the body part that you choose to ink. If your design is small, then you don’t have to worry about pain because the tattoo artist will be ready in no time! One popular location for such tattoo are the fingers. Just as a word of advice, finger tattoos don’t last very long so you might want to avoid that area if you don’t want to get them redone in a few years. Mostly simple, these tattoos shouldn’t cause you too much pain.

Take the Aftercare Stage Seriously

Since a perfectly straight line wouldn’t look too good if it wasn’t healed evenly, you must take the aftercare stage seriously. Keeping your tattoo moist with special tattoo healing creams and washing it at least twice a day for a few days are mandatory steps that you must take. Try to stay out of the sun, dusty places, public pools and so on. A properly cared for tattoo will heal in one week and you’ll enjoy it for the rest of your life.

Break Your Piggy Bank for a Tattoo

What you need for a glyph tattoo is a tattoo artist with a steady hand. You’ll want those lines straight and neat, so you’ll want to pay the right price for it. A small tattoo shouldn’t cost you more than $100. Prices differ according to location, popularity, artist, whether or not your tattoo contains color and how long it takes to be done. Do your research and save money if you want a truly qualitative tattoo that you’ll love for the rest of your life!

1. A Celtic symbol in watercolor


When opting for a watercolor tattoo, it’s great to add black outlines to keep the ink in place.

2. Multicolored triangles on forearm


Made of a multitude of triangles, this glyph tattoo is multicolored and confers a striking visual effect to the wearer.

3. Inverted triangle with roses inside


The inverted triangle is a symbol for Female, Lunar, Yoni, Shakti, Passive, Cave, Down, and Mother. In addition, it becomes extra feminine with a colored and black and white roses inside.

4. Triangular rose and a trace of black ink


Featuring a very modern tattooing style, this design was successfully personalized.

5. Large triangle on the wrist


This triangle type means “create”. It fits nicely on a guy’s wrist due to its larger size and thicker lines.

6. Waves bursting out of a triangle


A glyph tattoo suited for surfers or sea lovers, this one is situated on a girl’s thigh and features only black and white shades.

7. Challenge, transcendence and creation


These two minimalist arrow are decorated with triangular glyph. They mean challenge, transcendence and creation.

8. Create, explore and express


Starting from her hand, towards her forearm, the triangles mean create, explore and express. She seems happy about getting them! I would be too considering how good they look!

9. God is greater than the highs and lows tattoo

Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

More or less a religious tattoo, this one is so encrypted that few people will know what it means unless you tell them.

10. A glyph for Libra


This is a glyph tattoo that depicts the zodiac sign for Libra. Not so coded as others, it is still fun to have.

11. Explore, understand and transcend


Starting from the wrist towards the forearm, the triangles mean explore, understand and transcend.

12. Two erect triangles


An erect triangle symbolizes Male, Solar, Lingam, Shakta, Assertive, Mountain, Up, Father. Therefore, it only makes sense that the landscape contains mountains, the sun and other similar elements.

13. A triangle within a triangle


According to research, this is an old Ku Klux Klan symbol that has been resurrected by modern-day Ku Klux Klan groups. However, it looks to colorful and nice to mean that.

14. A Dr. Woo tattoo on forearm


Dr. Woo is a renowned tattoo artist who inks elegant geometrical tattoos on people with excellent results.

15. Create, connect, express


Starting from her finger to her wrist, the triangles mean create, connect, and express.

16. Explore, connect, challenge and learn


Starting from left to right, this glyph tattoo contains four symbols that mean explore, connect, challenge and learn.

17. The contrast between sketchy and realistic


Striking to look at, this tattoo comprises two roses inked in two different styles, namely sketchy and realistic. The sketch comes in black and white, while the realistic one comes in baby blue.

18. Glyph for the Scorpio zodiac sign


A really cute and small tattoo, this one depicts the zodiac symbol for Scorpio.

19. Geometry in nature


Geometry is found everywhere in nature. The idea of this tattoo is that they merge and their depiction looks amazing!

20. Blue and purple flower in a triangle


Like a little corner of nature on foot, this glyph tattoo is tasteful, colorful and meaningful as well.

21. Aliens abducting a human


A sort of science fiction tattoo, this one impresses thanks to its style and fun idea.

22. Overlay effect of two triangles


One of the triangles is contoured precisely, while the other one is filled with black and gray dots.

23. Triangle tattoo on a woman’s ribs


Feminine when it comes to design and location, this tattoo is inked in simple black and white shades.

24. Letters and lines


A minimalist tattoo, this one is made of four letters and two lines. It is placed on a guy’s forearm and has a nice visual impact as well.

25. Realistic wild flower in a triangle


This tattoo looks like a painting. The colors are dazzling and the design itself is quite unique.

26. A Sci-Fi themed tattoo


The theme of human abduction by alien is quite popular among the glyph tattoos. There must be something that connects them.

27. Male dominance in dotwork and linework


A nice combination of erect triangles, these represent masculinity and they feature multiple tattooing techniques.

28. A triangle with a rainbow side


Gay pride or not, this triangle looks fun and daring. It features a side colored like a rainbow and two that are black.

29. Strategy, prosperity and longevity


A glyph tattoo that contains less popular symbols, this one refers to strategy, prosperity and longevity.

30. A filter of color


If you look at this design for a while, that triangle looks like a filter that shows the flower as it is in nature, all colored and bright.

31. Two arrows and a flower


In the Native American culture, two crossed arrows mean friendship. So, this tattoo could be about the friendship between two girls or the friendship that flourishes.

32. Three peonies and a triangle


The peony is the flower of riches and honor. It embodies romance and prosperity and people consider it brings good fortune and a happy marriage.

33. Explore, express and create on an arrow


A tool for sustaining life, the arrowhead is made of three triangles that mean explore, express and create.

34. A Moon Glyph Tattoo


This girl has chosen a moon glyph tattoo for her nape of the neck.

35. A fierce combo of skull and triangle


36. Overlaying colors and triangles


37. A semicolon on finger


38. Arrowheads pointing down


39. A simplified solar system


40. A minimalist Earth tattoo


41. An Aquarius tattoo on belly


42. Mighty arrow and trajectories


43. An arrow with colored feathers


44. Triangle with Calla flowers


45. Explore, challenge and transcend


46. Transcend glyph on wrist


47. Friendship symbol with arrows


The two crossed arrows are listed as a symbol of friendship.

48. Explore, challenge and learn on an arrow


49. Duality with multiple triangles


50. Transcend, protect and explore


51. Psychedelic cactus in a rhombus


52. An airplane trapped in a circle


53. Transcend, express and create on an arrowhead


54. A simple design with complicated meaning


55. Another type of meaningful arrow


56. An unfamiliar scribble


57. Feminine and masculine transcending


58. Colored and beautiful scenery


59. Learn, create and protect


60. Connect, protect and team on three people


61. Black and white rose tattoo


62. A representation of the Fibonacci number


The Fibonacci number can be represented in numerous ways. In fact, it is found in nature in the most unexpected places like the shell of a snail.

63. Mandala and a compass in one


64. Feminine in a masculine triangle


65. Explore times two


Exploring the world together with your best friend or significant other is a truly inspiring idea!

66. Lighthouse, sea and stars


67. Stargate – Earth’s “point of origin” symbol


68. Sisters with a great idea


First born, second born and third born in a series of triangle tattoos and quite an inspired idea!

69. From the depths of meaningful


70. An inspired arm embellishment


71. Fake triangle tattoos


If you are not convinced that you want a tattoo, you can try some fake ones. The glow around the lines is an indicator that this tattoo is fake.

72. One of Jared Leto’s tattoos


This glyph tattoo belongs to Jared Leto and it is dedicated to his band.

73. The empire of cats


74. Learn and understand


Situated on a girl’s shoulder blades, these symbols refer to learning and understanding.

75. Express, explore and transcend


As you’ve probably noticed by now, this type of glyph tattoo is the most popular one: three triangles in a row.

76. Explore as a triangular symbol


Not part of any glyph series, this tattoo lays evenhandedly on a person’s wrist.

77. Tiny triangle glyph on wrist


78. A multitude of symbols in an arrow


Not the most professional tattoo out there, this one comprises a series of symbols.

79. An universe on its own


80. Tiny triangle glyph inked


Explore, learn and create, hopefully for a better tattooing technique than this one!

81. Deer, wings and arrows


82. A sequence of symbols


83. Triangle glyph on a woman’s thigh


Learn, connect, create and understand, from left to right, are the meanings of the triangle glyph.

84. Twin tattoos on wrists


Explore and transcend are the meaning of the two triangles from this twin tattoo.

85. The sun, the clouds and the water


When three powerful energies come together, it’s simple to make a square float. At least this is what this tattoo depicts.

86. The goat and the dolphins


87. Connection is truly important


A true and sincere connection is hard to obtain these days, especially between two people.

88. A half moon and a mysterious symbol


89. Greek statue with a wing


90. A sign for Virgo and a colored flower


The zodiac sign is really important for some people, so they usually decide to find a symbol for it and get it inked. I like this happy idea!

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