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70+ Boys Face Piercing Looks That Will Turn Heads

Boys Face Piercing Ideas33

Did you know that men are more likely to get visible piercings than women? Even so, it seems that the most popular boys piercing is not a kind of face piercing, but the nipple piercing. The second place is occupied by the eyebrow piercing, followed by the nose piercing. In fact, no less than 15% of American boys have their septum or nostril pierced. This says a lot about their willingness to look more attractive or express themselves differently. If they don’t do it for fashion and beauty, they do it for spiritual reasons.

Extraversion and openness are highly important when it comes to piercing an area of your face. Not everyone is going to like you, so you have to make sure you like yourself. One way you can do that is to use a fake piercing for a while to study the way people perceive you and the way you perceive yourself. People started piercing themselves in the Western side of the world since 1970s, so this is no longer a novelty. However, if it’s new to you, then you have to make sure it suits you. On the other hand, piercing enthusiasts will go crazy when they see yours, so you can’t go 100% wrong.

Eyebrow, ears, tongue and nose are the most popular type of boys face piercing. Although not really on their faces, ear piercings are just as visible as face piercings, so they are included in the same category. Now, don’t expect to see pictures of discrete piercings. As it follows, I’ll show you some seriously badass piercing types rocked by sexy men who aren’t afraid to show off their liberal side and completely accept themselves and their unique styles.

1. A classical nostril piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas33

If this guy’s piercing eyes and his tattoos didn’t convince you, take a look at his classical nostril piercing that simply stands out! This type of piercing is not very painful and it heals in about 3 months without requiring too much care except daily cleanse with saline water.

2. Tragus piercing and stretched earlobe

Boys Face Piercing Ideas34

Sporting some kick-ass tattoos, this dude got a tragus piercing and stretched his earlobe as well. His piercings are not unexpected since most tattooed guys also have a piercing or more.

3. Snake bites and helix piercings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas35

This guy looks like a fairly regular dude who accessorized his face with 2 lip piercings and 2 ear piercings. I’m sure he would look a lot better if he smiled, but even so he’s quite good-looking and has properly cared for piercings.

4. Stretched earlobe and a nostril ring

Boys Face Piercing Ideas36

Getting your earlobe stretched takes time and patience. It is not that easy as getting a captive bead ring through your nose’s cartilage.

5. Snake bites and a lower lip piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas37

Piercings are a great way to attract attention to a certain body area or to distract attention from another. With snake bites and a lower lip piercing in the center, he totally attracted attention to his lips. Hurray!

6. Regular earlobe piercings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas38

These basic earlobe piercings are stylish and simple. They are more like an introduction to the body piercing world, but they look amazing on some charming guys like this blue-eyed beauty.

7. Horizontal eyebrow piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas39

The horizontal eyebrow piercing is the second most popular eyebrow piercing. It is placed on a man’s upper eyebrow ridge using a surface bar. I think it compliments this’s dude’s face and tell us a bit more about his style.

8. Smiley piercing and a bright smile

Boys Face Piercing Ideas40

The smiley piercing is an oral piercing that could jeopardize the health of your gums and teeth, but which looks excellent together with a bright smile.

9. A horizontal tongue piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas41

Not really a boys face piercing, this one is an oral piercing. It is not common and it is quite painful because the needle goes through the tongue, horizontally rather than just in and out like in case of vertical tongue piercings.

10. Freckles and snake bites

Boys Face Piercing Ideas42

The snake bites consist of 2 lip piercings. They don’t come separate, but together. However, the piercing process may take place in 2 different sessions if the client’s pain tolerance isn’t too high. The lip contains a lot of nerve endings, so piercing it might hurt more than a little.

11. Snake bites, cheek piercings and stretched earlobes

Boys Face Piercing Ideas43

I think this cute dude likes symmetry since he has created symmetry on his face with the help of piercings. He’s got 2 lip piercings, 2 cheek piercings and 2 earlobe piercings that got very stretched!

12. Earlobe piercing and three dermal piercings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas44

The piercings located on his neck are called dermals. They only go in, not out like normal piercings. A piece of metal is inserted under the skin, which plays the role of base for the bead that is screwed in. Hot or not?

13. Horseshoe ring as a labret piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas45

A simple labret piercing may become more interesting thanks to jewelry. This tattooed dude chose a large horseshoe ring to highlight his mouth area and we are all grateful!

14. One stretched, one not

Boys Face Piercing Ideas46

Remember the guy you saw earlier who had symmetric piercings? Well, not all people prefer symmetry. This is an example of someone who decided one stretched earlobe is enough for him and continued with the tats.

15. Bearded man with lower lip piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas47

Shaving isn’t recommended or not recommended in case of boys face piercing of any kind. However, it must be done when the area around the piercing is no longer inflamed.

16. Lower lip piercings and a flesh tunnel

Boys Face Piercing Ideas49

More boys than girls have lip piercings. I found it hard to believe at first, but when you think about it, that I kind of true!

17. Triple ear lobe piercings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas50

Getting earlobe piercings is a safe way of decorating your body because they are considered common and no one will look at you differently. You will still turn heads though because this arrangement is cool and flattering, especially when it shows this much!

18. The stretching mania

Boys Face Piercing Ideas51

A lot different than the previous guy’s style, this one has a stretching mania. He stretched 2 parts of his ear and his nostril. His piercings are unique and spectacular too thanks to the tattoos that accompany them.

19. The kissable demon

Boys Face Piercing Ideas52

Seriously now, how can one kiss this guy? He is a fan of body modifications and took piercings to a whole new level. He’s got implants and tattoos as well. You can’t say he hasn’t tried them all, can you?

20. Sneak peek to the teeth

Boys Face Piercing Ideas53
Since we were looking at extreme examples, here’s another one. Take a sneak peek at this dude’s teeth! Awesome or not so much. I don’t want to appear ignorant, but how does he eat?

21. Gangsta nose, lip and ear piercings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas55

This is a decent combination of piercings consisting of 2 nostril piercings, a lip piercing and earlobe piercings. They are all proportional to his face and looking great!

22. Smiley and flesh tunnels

Boys Face Piercing Ideas56

I have a feeling this guy breaks hearts constantly. Could it be because of his piercings? I’m sure they contribute to his irresistible image!

23. Double nostril piercings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas57

A type of guy face piercing is the nostril piercing. It may be displayed in one or both nostrils. There are cases when 2 piercings are placed in the same nostril. The example of that case can be seen in the image above.

24. Flesh tunnel on a blonde guy

Boys Face Piercing Ideas58

This guy was hot enough even before he got his earlobe stretched, but now he’s way hotter. I’m sure it represents him in one way or the other. He seems like a spiritually connected person. Flesh tunnels can be made of wood, plastic and other light materials.

25. Flesh tunnel and neck tattoo

Boys Face Piercing Ideas59

Since now tattooed guys also have short hair, they can display other body mods like flesh tunnels.

26. The flesh tunnel and neck tattoos trend

Boys Face Piercing Ideas60

If you look closely at all these pictures with cool dudes, you’ll notice that there is a trend among them. Having flesh tunnels and neck tattoos seems to be trendy right now. I like his nose ring too!

27. Bridge and 2 stretched earlobes

Boys Face Piercing Ideas61

The bridge piercing is the one on his nose, between his eyes. It is a high risk piercing because the human body tends to reject it and it is also painful because the skin is thick there. However, if you want to look like that, you should give it a try!

28. A huge septum piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas62

It is well known that guys don’t wear subtle jewelry, but this guy outdid himself by putting that huge horseshoe ring through his septum. I hope you can imagine that took a long while to stretch. Also, you have to know that once stretched, the septum doesn’t go back to its original size.

29. Septum ring and chin dermals

Boys Face Piercing Ideas63

There’s nothing unusual about his septum ring, but wow, he got chin dermals! He has chosen big spikes to create a special look for himself. Dermals are high-maintenance piercings.

30. Snake bite, chin, bridge and earlobe piercings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas64

This guy has got it all: cool piercings, cool beads, cool outfit.

31. A more classical approach

Boys Face Piercing Ideas65
Getting back to classics, the eyebrow piercing and the simple earlobe piercing look really nice on this guy! No one really wears rings in their eyebrows anymore. Even so, it flatters this guy.

32. Nose, tragus and earlobe

Boys Face Piercing Ideas66

Sporting a hipster look, this charming dude is wearing 2 nose jewelry and a flesh tunnel. He has wisely chosen colors, basing his decision on contrasts.

33. Massive septum horseshoe on sexy dude

Boys Face Piercing Ideas67

Aiming for a look similar to this guy’s isn’t a realistic plan for most guys. You shouldn’t try to look like a certain person. You can just let yourself be inspired by him, not try to copy him. Such massive horseshoe ring in your septum might not even look good.

34. Cute boy with snake bites

Boys Face Piercing Ideas68

Snake bites are easy to wear and not very painful. They aren’t badass or classic, so they are a safe choice for a novice.

35. Angel bites on fashionable guy

Boys Face Piercing Ideas69

The angel bites are the opposites of snake bites. They are located in the upper lip and are basically a Monroe piercing and a Crawford piercing combined. They look great on this fashionable guy and match his other ones too!

36. Nose, lip and stretched lobes

Boys Face Piercing Ideas70

The stretched lobes are no longer a novelty when it comes to boys face piercing or ear piercing. What could surprise you further is the way the other piercings are placed on their faces.

37. Snake bites, septum and super stretched earlobes

Boys Face Piercing Ideas71

Welcome to the wild side! We have tattoos, piercings and a smile that can melt your heart!

38. The angel and snake bites combo

Boys Face Piercing Ideas72

Here is a combo you haven’t seen before: snake bites and angel bites on the same set of lips. What do you think? Is it too much? I like how they’re not on top of another.

39. Placement is key

Boys Face Piercing Ideas73

No matter how extreme or classical your choices are, the placement is key.

40. Snake bites on tattooed model

Boys Face Piercing Ideas74
For alternative guys, having piercings and tattoos, a good haircut as well as cool clothes is the recipe to happiness. How happy would a piercing make you?

41. Simple earlobe piercing with long jewel

Boys Face Piercing Ideas1

You can make a simple piercing more interesting by changing the jewel.

42. Rings on opposite sides

Boys Face Piercing Ideas2

An eyebrow ring and a lip ring, placed on opposite sides. What do you think?

43. Bridge, Nasallang, Dahlia bites and shark bites

Boys Face Piercing Ideas3

Wow! A boys face piercing like Nasallang is pretty rare, not to mention the shark bites combined with Dahlia bites! Let me explain! The piercing that goes through this dude’s nostrils is called a Nasallang. It is a long piercing, like an industrial that penetrates his nose 4 times. Next, the Dahlia piercings are those from the corners of his lips, but if you combine them with the other ones, they become shark bites. Truly original I’d say!

44. Cyber bites and snake bites in one place

Boys Face Piercing Ideas4

Now that you know about snake bites, you should learn about cyber bites. The latter consists in 2 piercings, one located in the middle of the upper lip and the other one located in the middle of the lower lip. He’s also showing off his tongue piercing, making it look like he’s full of metal. He sure is, but I still think his piercings are tasteful.

45. Thin jewelry for classic piercings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas5

Cartilage, earlobe and nostril are common places to get pierced. This dude chose to decorate his body with thin jewelry.

46. Septum and lip for a young dude

Boys Face Piercing Ideas6

People are more prone to experiment when they are young. This boy took the first steps in that regard by piercing his nostril and lower lip. Good job!

47. Stretching earlobe with age

Boys Face Piercing Ideas7

If you start stretching your earlobe when you’re very young, like this boy, then you’ll end up with a large gauge by the time you’re grown up.

48. Double eyebrow piercings and a rook

Boys Face Piercing Ideas8

I’m sure you’re already familiar with the eyebrow piercings and the stretched earlobe, so I’m going to move on to the rook piercing. That is an ear piercing type that is placed in the ear’s cartilage, close to the inner ear’s rim. I think it’s stylish and not many people have one because it is quite painful and it takes about one year to heal.

49. Goth look with cheek piercings and a septum piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas9

Having piercings does contribute to this dude’s goth image. His rook and earlobe piercings are also notable, not only the piercings on his face.

50. Bearded guys love thick septum jewels

Boys Face Piercing Ideas10
Bearded guys like masculinity and they want to express it by all means. This one succeeded by putting a thick beaded ring through his septum.

51. Medusa and vertical eyebrow

Boys Face Piercing Ideas11

Boys with pretty faces look nice with a Medusa piercing in their lips. Here’s a surfer guy with his lip and eyebrow pierced.

52. Symmetrical snake bites and flesh tunnels

Boys Face Piercing Ideas12

If you care for symmetry, this is one good example and piercing idea.

53. An innocent look

Boys Face Piercing Ideas13

After seeing so many badass piercing designs, this dude seems so innocent with his simple lip piercing.

54. Innocent with tiny nose stud

Boys Face Piercing Ideas14

I can say the same about this boy who chose a tiny stud for his nostril. That flesh tunnel from his ear saves his image though.

55. Black lower lip piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas15

The lower lip piercing is a standard boys face piercing. It comes in different colors and sizes for every guy’s taste.

56. Black septum horseshoe and snake bites

Boys Face Piercing Ideas16

Black and silver aren’t the only available colors for men jewelry. However, not many men decide to wear other colors. You’ll see some that choose white, but those are rare as well.

57. Black and white

Boys Face Piercing Ideas17

This guy likes opposites. His hair is black and white and he’s also wearing a silver piercing and a black piercing. I wonder if he wears black and white as well.

58. Industrial and helix piercings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas18

Going for a different looks than the other boys, this one has only pierced his ear’s cartilage. He pierced it in 3 places. The one that isn’t long is called helix and the long one is called industrial.

59. The guy with spider bites

Boys Face Piercing Ideas19

Placing 2 piercings in one side of the lower lip means that you have spider bites. He got big beads, so they stand out nicely.

60. Huge flesh tunnels and a septum horseshoe

Boys Face Piercing Ideas20

The size of your flesh tunnels depends on how big you want them and how much you can stretch your ear. If you stretch it too much it may break. Your skin can also break if you stretch it too much at the same time, rather than doing it gradually. For you to stretch your earlobe, you have to pierce it right in the middle.

61. Lovely snake bites and blue flesh tunnel

Boys Face Piercing Ideas21

I was previously saying that guys don’t wear colored jewelry. Well, this guy is an exception with this blue flesh tunnel.

62. Tragus, earlobe and nipple

Boys Face Piercing Ideas22

The nipple piercing is not a boys face piercing, but it is the most popular among them.

63. Happy kid with septum piercing

Boys Face Piercing Ideas23

This boy looks happy! I can’t tell if it’s because of his septum piercing or not, but the point is he is happy!

64. Two piercings in one ear

Boys Face Piercing Ideas24

The cartilage piercing and the stretched earlobe are among this dude’s body modifications.

65. Triangle through the conch

Boys Face Piercing Ideas25

The silver triangle goes through an area of the ear called conch. The piercing itself and the jewel are very original! You’ll not see this design often!

66. Pretty boy with eyebrow spikes

Boys Face Piercing Ideas26

Hearing me talking about masculinity on and on might make you believe that piercings are for manly styles only. That is definitely not true!

67. A microdermal piercing under the eye

Boys Face Piercing Ideas27

Also called the teardrop, the microdermal piercing located under the eye of this man is an accessory you’ll not see much of, but which might become en vogue. People are still reluctant when it comes to the microdermal piercing type, so that might take a while longer.

68. The lover of the rings

Boys Face Piercing Ideas28

Certain people simply prefer ring shaped jewelry. It is less probable to be accidentally pulled out.

69. Crystal stud in earlobe

Boys Face Piercing Ideas29

The crystal studs are popular for a certain category of men. They are placed in the middle of one or both earlobes.

70. Eyebrow spikes and earlobe classic

Boys Face Piercing Ideas30

Spikes are commonly met in jewelry made for men. Women like them too, but not wear them as often as men do.

71. Thick for masculinity

Boys Face Piercing Ideas31

Beard plus thick jewelry equals masculinity.

Face Piercing Cost & Aftercare

Since we’re dealing with tens of piercing types, I can’t precisely guide you when it comes to prices. However, the more uncommon and complicated a piercing is, the more you will be charged. We’re looking at an average of $40 per piercing, but prices may go up to $80, depending on which area of your face you’re going to pierce. Rhino piercings cost a lot more because they are not easy to perform. An experienced APP-certified piercer will tell you everything you need to know before he or she actually pierces your face. The aftercare rules are pretty much the same, except those for oral piercings. Until then, happy piercing!

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