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90 Amazing 3D Tattoo Designs That Will Leave You Speechless


Getting a tattoo is one of the best ways in which you can express yourself, your personality, style and experiences. All these particular characteristics will be emphasized in the patterns, the colors and the general design of the final piece of art. That’s why is so hard to decide on the best version of the tattoo that you’ll get, mostly if it is also your first one.

Well, if you find yourself deadlocked, today’s article might help you out! We will show you 95 of the most amazing, unique and enchanting 3D tattoo designs that would match every single type of personality and style. You will be mesmerized by their beauty and uniqueness, while your friends will totally follow your example in getting a similar one, so what are you waiting for? Read on!

1. The Majestuous Raven

Being a symbol of intelligence, healing and provision, the raven tattoo is one of a kind. If you want to emphasize its beauty and meaning, choose this amazing 3D design that shows up a double well-known symbolistic: the opposition between angel and devil.


2. Full Moon London

No wonder that some tattoos are being compared with real works of art. If we didn’t know that this is a tattoo, we would probably imagine that it is a beautiful artistic picture.


3. Ticking Clock Eye

Time passes by and all the experiences and moments that it gathered are being trapped in our eyes, through tears and glances.


4. The Film Camera

What’s a passionate photographer without a beautiful, eternal proof of his dedicated love?


5. The Indian Splash

The beautiful combination of colors on this Indian tattoo, along with its powerful symbolistic and style, is a must!


6. The Broken Heart

Try this tattoo if you think that every single love that we have will leave a mark on our heart.


7. The Bright Colors

Bright colors are always a great choice when it comes to tattoos. Combine them in a 3D design and the final result will be awesome!


8. Wide Eye & Diamonds

It is said that diamonds are a girl’s best friends. We can already see the sparkling in their eyes…:)


9. The Religious Cross

If you’re a religious person and you are willing to show this to the world, or if you simply love the shape and design of the crosses, you should certainly try this tattoo out.


10. Photography Love

Real life tattoos that can be used in creative situations – who wouldn’t love those?


11. The Goldfish

The well-known goldfish symbol acquires a brand new meaning along with this beautiful tattoo design, that can be worn by both men and women.


12. The DNA

This metallic designed DNA tattoo that pumps blood through your veins is simply stunning. It has an original concept and it’s very realistic.


13. The Black Hole

This chess-looking background, along with the big black hole in the center, is giving this large, awesome tattoo the originality that it deserves.


14. THE X

Beautiful shades on this one, right?


15. The Lace Ribbon

Even though it isn’t bright colored as we would expect, this lace ribbon is simply stunning. Every detail was taken into consideration in order to match the final result.


16. Jesus Tattoo

Maybe one of the most realistic and emotional 3D tattoo designs is the one with the crucifixion of Jesus. It symbolizes faith, religiosity and respect.


17. The Skull

Who needs an original Halloween mask when you have this awesome and realistic skull tattoo?


18. The Happy Dog

The beautiful splash of color on this black and white tattoo is the unique element that makes it special. The eyes of this beautiful dog are a symbol of faith and love.


19. Behind the bars

This awesome 3D tattoo design shows up one of the most creative ideas of freedom that were ever executed on someone’s body.


20. The Snake

If this isn’t one of the best 3D tattoo designs, then we don’t know which one can be. The second part of it seems like it is from another world.


21. The bullet pen

Words are more powerful than bullets. You can convince yourself by looking at this tattoo design.


22. The Connected Brain

This tattoo is a creative interpretation of the metaphor according to which our brain is constantly connected to something, but mostly to a device.


23. Knock-knock?


-Who’s there?

-One of the best 3D tattoo designs that you’ll ever see!


24. The Trace

This awesome designed 3D tattoo resembles those bear traces that we see on the documentaries on Discovery Channel. Brrr!


25. The Mechanical One

All in all, our bodies can also be treated like mechanical systems. If we don’t take enough care of them, they’ll stop functioning.


26. The Striped One

The curled designs on this awesome tattoo design are simply stunning! They won’t pass unnoticed!


27. The Star

Usually, star tattoos symbolize accomplishments, good luck and success. Combine them with an awesome 3D design in order to achieve a unique effect.


28. The Leaf

Autumn lover? Then you should totally check out this realistic and colorful tattoo design!


29. Colorful Wolf

Wolf Tattoos usually symbolize devotion, family and communication. If you really appreciate its symbolistic and want to emphasize it more, try a colorful design, like the one presented here.


30. Time Passes By

Time, what a cruel friend, but also what a beautiful tattoo symbol!


31. Double-Time

It would be awesome to double up our time with our loved ones by also doubling our realistic clock tattoos!


32. The black and red skull

The “devilish” style of this tattoo is suggested not only by its subject and shape, but also by its colors.


33. Beautiful Eye

The realistic design of this beautiful eye tattoo will make you lose yourself when looking at it…


34. Cute Jumbo

This cute, minimalistic tattoo design with some splashes of color will totally melt your heart.


35. Majestic Fox

Being made up only from geometrical shapes, the unicity of this beautiful tattoo is really noticeable.


36. The Monster

We’re all afraid of the monsters under our beds, but what about the monsters in our bodies?


37. The Stunning One

If you’re looking for a large, yet beautiful, creative and realistic tattoo, choose one that would resemble the following one. It’s simply stunning and it will certainly catch the eye.


38. The Red Skull

If you’re just bored to see all those classical skull tattoos, try something different and realistic: inspire yourself from the following one.


39. Red Riding Hood

Even though it will probably require hours and hours of continuous work, this is one of the most successful 3D tattoo designs that we’ve seen. It totally suggests the idea of a fairytale!


40. Wild Horse

Looking for an awesome tattoo design that would express both freedom and power? Then you should certainly choose the following one:


41. Skin Compass

Everyone gets lost sometimes, right? Well, not gonna happen anymore. At least it’s not gonna happen as long as you have this realistic design tattooed on your body.


42. Bones

Sometimes, feelings hurt more than actions do and this tattoo knows it better than us.


43. The Butterfly

This realistic 3D butterfly design will come in handy in the cold, gloomy winter days.


44. The Mechanical Skull

The combination between classy and badass on this awesome 3D tattoo design is stunning.


45. Mechanical Eye

What a beautiful combination between technical and symbolic elements!


46. Escape

What about the “monsters” inside our bodies? Do they want to escape?


47. The Cubes

Symmetrical and geometrical 3D tattoos are never out of style.


48. The Mighty Eagle

Looking for a black and white dramatic tattoo? We might have the solution.


49. The Autumn

The opposition between the bloomed cherry blossom tree and the withered leaves on this realistic tattoo is stunning.


50. The Cross

For every single religious man that needs to have his faithful symbol close every single day.


51. The Elephant

The differences between this beautiful tattooed elephant and a realistic one are minimal.


52. Lady Bird

This 3D tattoo design is so cute that it will melt your heart.


53. Colorful Feather

Looking for a girly tattoo that would express both happiness and style? Try this one!


54. The bees

The bees are maybe some of the most hard-working insects. If you want to induce this feeling, you should totally get a similar one!


55. The Spine

Wear this beautiful and realistic tattoo with a backless dress and you’ll certainly turn heads!


56. Time Chain

Because we are the slaves of time, aren’t we?


57. Fishy

Being a strong Japanese symbol, the fish can be a great fit if you’re looking to get a new 3D tattoo design.


58. The Universe

This beautiful Universe tattoo design is simply stunning, mostly if you’re looking for something catchy.


59. The Scary Clown

If you’re more into darker things, this realistic and dramatic clown design will amaze you.


60. The Dragonfly

Elegant and sweet at the same time, this dragonfly tattoo design will do the trick.


61. The Scorpion

If you’re a big fan of zodiac signs and horoscope, and your sign is theScorpioo, this awesome tattoo design is for you!


62. The Guitar

Every single music lover should have the chance to get an awesome tattoo like this one.


63. Time Girl

Only a few tattoo designs can combine in such a beautiful way two different symbols so that they would totally look like they were meant to be there.

64. The Rose

The beauty and uniqueness of this awesome tattoo design comes from its shades, colors and symbolistic.


65. Ear Rose

How would it be to have a beautiful rose tattoo that would “whisper” love words to your ear every single day?


66. The Forest Human

We can love nature so much that we can see it as a part of our soul.


67. The Green Feathered Eye

The most interesting way of seeing the truthfullness in someone’s actions is looking into his eyes…or his tattoo.


68. Ribbon Legs

Who said that you can’t be your own gift? Wrapped nicely with red ribbons!


69. Goth – Colorful Skull

If you’re sick and tired of the classical skull tattoos, you can opt in for the following one, that is creative and unique in the same time.


70. The Compass Rope

If you’re into classical symbols and tattoos, this realistic combination will totally fit you.


71. The colorful butterfly

Neck tattoos can be really sexy, depending on the symbol that you choose. So if you’re willing to try something girly and elegant, opt in for the following one!


72. The Lively One

Bring your own tattoo to life by choosing this wonderful & lively design!


73. Batman Scratch

All the adventurous experiences and moments from the past can turn us into real superheroes, right?


74. Time Butterfly

The composition of this beautiful tattoo design is stunning: the heart, the rose and the clock are opposite symbols that can have a corresponding meaning if they’re used properly.


75. The Water Penny

This sunken penny can either symbolize growth or wealth.


76. The Fairytale Butterfly

It seems like concept, shades and colors of this beautiful tattoo design are being part of a fairytale.


77. The Bicylce

Who doesn’t love those summer nights that all that you want to do is simply ride the bicycle with your friends?


78. The Robot

This tattoo is so realistic that it resembles a robot design!


79. The Wave

If you’re into complicated, wavy tatttoos, this one might be for you!


80. The Droplet

This realistic, yet wonderful tattoo can symbolize peace and harmony.


81. The Music Butterfly

Here’s a delicate and girly tattoo that would fit perfectly on the body of every single music lover.


82. The Doll

This doll-like tattoo is the perfect combination between a creative design and a realistic implementation.


83. The Scar

Either if they are internal or external, we all have our scars, right?


84. The Rosary

This beautiful rosary tattoo is both a symbol of religiosity and peace. It will guide you through all your tough moments.


85. Time passes by

Nobody can stop time, but at least we can imortalize it by means of a beautiful & realistic tattoo.


86. Sunset Leaf

This is maybe one of the most beautiful 3D tattoo designs that we’ve ever seen. The mirroring of the sunset in the leaf makes this tattoo one of a kind.


87. The Patriot

If you’re a real patriot, this tattoo will describe you perfectly.


88. The Snake

Even if its symbolistic isn’t the best one, we have to admit that this realistic snake tattoo is amazing!


89. The technical system

The comparison between our body and a robotical, technical system in this unique tattoo design is stunning.


90. The Wavy Fish

Being a symbol of abundence, weath, ambition and power, the fish can also be a great choice in terms of design when it comes to tattoos.


91. Roar!

The reinterpretation of this roaring lion on this realistic 3D tattoo design left us speechless.


92. The bee

Every single detail on this beautiful bee tattoo is so uniquely designed so that it would resemble the reality. Simply stunning!


93. The funny one

This awesome designed tattoo is the example of the fact that you don’t need a fit body to be funny. Great one!


94. High Heels

The combination between these “drama-queen” heels and the puzzle piece is interesting.


95. The clear sky

Our bodies are full of unknown secrets. They can hide monsters or beautiful places: it’s all up to us to decide which of them we want to host inside.


All in all, these are 95 of the most beautiful and unique 3D tattoo designs! What’s your favorite? Which one will earn a well-deserved place on your body forever? Let us know in the comments section, we will be back soon with some more awesome ideas!

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