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125 Colorful Rainbow Tattoo Designs You Must Have!


For your next colorful tattoo ideas, here is a list full of Explicitly Colorful Rainbow Tattoo Designs for you to choose from! Because colorful rainbows are for colorful people with colorful personalities who wants to have a colorful tattoo like you! So for your next skin art, why not choose rainbow tattoos?

Rainbows, at its very essence, never fail to elicit a colorful fascination among mortals like us. It’s always been a symbolic notion for life, art, emotions, and other more intricacies. It may also serve as a gateway for abstract imagination or explicit interpretation. Nevertheless, this haven of colors is one of the few realms that can exist both in fantasy and reality.

The word “rainbow” was drawn from the Latin words arcus pluvius meaning “rainy arch“. Greeks and Romans believed that rainbows are created by Iris, the goddess of rainbows herself, to create a path between mortals and Gods. It is even believed that there’s a pot of gold at the end of every rainbow. But science isn’t sorry to tell you that it’s more of an optical phenomenon rather than actual existence.

Still, the colors of the rainbow continue to traverse throughout the history and culture of human civilization. The harmony amidst the diversity of its colors continues to transcend impossibilities and limits. Indeed, there’s more to a rainbow that meets the eye. Incorporating it to our tattoos is like a blast of magic and wonder to the art itself, illuminating the very essence of one’s creative soul.

Check out these explicitly colorful rainbow tattoo designs and break free!

1. Rose Petals with a Colorful Rainbow’s Touch

Roses have always been a symbolism for an intense feeling of deep affection. Bringing it out with these colors, on the other hand, is an insanely creative stunt of near-perfection!


2. At the Heart of the Colorful Rainbow

Your love for rainbows can be expressed with this simple yet sophisticated tattoo deign. The perfect contrary between colors and blank space gives it a captivating overall intent.


3. A Rose’s Burst of Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

When affection turns beyond control, the real feelings might consequently be disclosed. The vividness of the colors in this design is truly mesmerizing.


4. Back-to-Basic Dots Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

Indeed, less is more. The simplicity of this tattoo incorporated with playful colors surely deserves a minimalist’s attention.


5. The Colorful Rainbow after the Storm

They say that God gives the hardest battles to His strongest soldiers. Thus, whatever trial you are in right now, hold strong, remember this quote, and keep on fighting until you win.


6. The Mushroom, the Butterfly, and the Colorful Rainbow Fantasy 

What’s fancier than a glimpse to a fantasy world? This mushroom with a tiny butterfly tattoo surely is radiating in fantasy colors!


7. Spilling Colorful Rainbow in a Dog’s Paw Print

Dog lovers out there will surely fall in love with this ink! After all, what’s more adorable than a pet’s colorful signature in your own skin?


8. Breaking Colorful Rainbow into Pieces Tattoo

This tattoo might actually be understood both ways – either building up or breaking down the color pallet of your life. Whichever you pick, you’ll always have the colors life has to offer.


9. A Colorful Rainbow Stardust between Butterflies

This girly but artistic masterpiece is femininity at its finest! With two pink sparkly butterflies in a rainbow trail across the wearer’s leg, this one surely hits the right mark!


10. A Colorful Rainbow Paragon of Symbolic Allure

Let me tell you a secret, the intriguing mystery of this tattoo will keep the people around you curious and interested. However, the appealing design alone surely is entertaining enough.


11. The Humble Land of a 3D Butterfly

Sometimes, the trick for a good 3D art is nothing but just a typical butterfly with rainbow wings.


12. The Rock Crystals and the Owl in a Night Sky

These leg tattoos will definitely rock your world! Not because of the crystals, silly. But because of these two spectacular designs.


13. Colorful Rainbow Hues in Someone’s White Cloud

Who would ever think that a rainbow mess would look as good as this one? This is not your ordinary white cloud tattoo, but a beautiful mess of a colorful twist.


14. A Smear of Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

Smearing a rainbow tattoo on your arms is definitely not a bad idea. I’m not even mad, I’m impressed!


15. A Couple’s Matching Geometrical Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

Colorful love is in the air baby! These matching tattoos would certainly kill those couple goals!


16. Ethereal Symbols with a Twist of Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

This back tattoo embellishment screams divine artistry with flawlessly achieved color gradient despite the intricacy of details.


17. Cosmic Paws 3D Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

This 3D tattoo windows cosmic space from your dog’s paws. Isn’t that adorably cool by all means?


18. Gradient Lines Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

Just another subtle art that captures all the rainbow colors in a simple straight bar line.


19. Endearing Rainbow-Kissed Rose Petals Tattoo

Another picture-perfect rose tattoo with elegantly-embedded rainbow colors.


20. A Hot Air Balloon’s Colorful Rainbow Journey

The combination of fear and freedom of a hot air balloon ride is perfect for a colorful journey, with the sky as the limit without a doubt.


21. A Colorful Rainbow Heart’s Missing Piece

The lock-and-key feature of this matching tattoos is like a love between two persons destined to fit one another’s heart and soul.


22. The Story Behind One’s Self Worth on a Rainbow Splatter

We are definitely born this way! So don’t stop being you and nothing less but more!


23. Vividly Colorful Rainbow Mandala Tattoo

This mandala tattoo was exquisitely designed to highlight the complexity of colors and patterns. So what more can you ask for?


24. Delightful Watercolor Splatter Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

The splattering watercolors of this delightful tattoo is like an iridescent play of fun colors and black detailing. So what are you waiting for? It’s about time for a colorful ink session!


25. Classy Feather Tattoo with Colorful Rainbow Hues Tattoo

This feather tattoo with pristine rainbow gradient is absolutely stunning  because of its simplicity and elegance.


26. Semicolon with a Colorful Rainbow Smudge Tattoo

The solid black ink of this semicolon was successfully placed on a colorful rainbow watermark at the same time.


27. Skin-Tearing Colorful Rainbow Within

Coming in very strong, the illusion of realistically-tattooed torn skin exposing the rainbow colors within is probably one of the boldest statement available in this selection.


28. Adorable Flower Chain Tattoo with a Hint of a Colorful Rainbow

You girls would love this! This flower chain with rainbow and sparkly details is so adorable to overlook. In other words, you can’t just unsee how adorable this is!


29. Tempting Love Potion Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

The plain seduction of this candy-colored love potion is so tempting not be noticed. Not to mention its playful cartoon vibe every girl needs.


30. Lovely Colored Flower Tattoo

For your next set of flowery indulgence, this arm tattoo will definitely make them look and focus!


31. A Heart’s Colorful Rainbow Charm Tattoo

One of the cutest tattoo out there in the market, this tiny heart tattoo with a messy rainbow fill has its own unique charm nobody can’t deny.


32. Candid Ring Finger Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

The idea is attractively straightforward – a rainbow tattoo in your ring finger – and it looks so good!


33. Love Knows No Bounds Equality Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

There really are no bounds for love. This tattoo celebrates the equality for acceptance and freedom to express one’s true self.


34. A Colorful Journey of Someone’s Dreamy Reality

Sometimes our journey to reality is too colorful that it’s almost dreamy. This tattoo bursting with colors and symbolism will surely tell your story.


35. Majestic Colorful Rainbow Phoenix Tattoo

According to the myth, phoenix is born from its own ashes. This tattoo perfectly immortalized the magic and pride of a mighty phoenix.


36. Magical Harmony of Colorful Seasons Tattoo

Snowflakes, autumn leaves, flowers in bloom, and blue water – these symbolic details create the harmony of four seasons like magic!


37. Striking Flight of a Colorful Rainbow Migration Tattoo

One thing birds and rainbows have in common is symbolizing freedom. This tattoo shows the art of bird migration in a rainbow trail.


38. Torn Pages of a Colorful Rainbow-Inked Book Tattoo

This arm tattoo is intriguing. It shows a book with its pages torn away from it with splashes of colors in a rainbow pattern.


39. It’s Raining Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

Simple but meaningful, this tattoo shows a rainbow cloud that pours colorful rain to a rainbow.


40. Music of a Colorful Rainbow Soul Tattoo

If music is your life, live in it! This captivating sonata of rainbow colors will surely entice you taste for a good musical art.


41. Captivating Colorful Rainbow Rose Tattoo

Another item on the list of must-have rose tattoos with a colorful blast! If you don’t have one yet, it’s about time to get inked again!


42. A Unicorn’s Love Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

Unicorns are known to be cute mythical creatures because of their excitingly colorful hairs like that of rainbow. This sleeping unicorn with heart-shaped hair orientation seems like to strike a whole new level of cuteness!


43. Breathtakingly Exquisite Colorful Rainbow Rose Tattoo

This is not your usual rainbow rose. The exquisite vibe of painting it on your skin with a dripping effect is especially relevant that you can almost taste it.


44. Artsy Blast of a Painter’s Thoughts Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

If you love painting, flowers, colors, and everything nice, here’s the tattoo for your most noteworthy artsy indulgence!


45. Colorful Rainbow Inks Tattoo

What’s more fun than being inked with dripping inks of colorful inks for a an usually wonderful inking experience? In a world of tattoos, you’ll never get enough inks as a result.


46. A Painter’s Starter Kit Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

If you simply love painting in a straightforward manner, why not tattoo the most vital painting tools in your wrist? This way, you’ll always be remembered about your passion for painting since you may need it sometimes.


47. The Coming Fourth of an Egyptian Cat Deity

In ancient Egypt, cats are considered Gods. With this cat tattoo with a beaming aura of God-like persona and flaunting his mighty colorful wings, you’ll never be more satisfied.


48. Playful Splash of Colorful Rainbow on a Paper Crane Tattoo

In the list of the most popularized origami arts, paper crane is the top of its class. With its sharp edge, clean folds, and sturdy appearance, this mess of rainbow splash is one of the most satisfying contrary tattoos out there.


49. Fossilizing Life and Colors

Basically, science is the heart of understanding nature. If you wish to fossilize a geometric expression of how life science can be intricate but wonderful, you’ll  know what to do next.rainbow-tattoo-designs-51

50. The Whisper of a Hummingbird

Hummingbirds are the smallest among all bird species. Despite its tiny size, anyone who sees a colorful bird flying from one flower to another will surely be captivated by its beauty.


51. Batman’s Colorful Rainbow Secret Tattoo

Who says that Batman can’t be fun? Bringing a colorful hint to the insignia of a dark super hero might be daring, but definitely mind-blowing!


52. A Glorious Dragonfly with Colorful Rainbow Wings Tattoo

Is there anything cooler than a dragonfly with a tribal skin? Not to mention those kick-ass wings with gloriously designed patterns! It’s about time we see why this insect got named after dragons!


53. Back-to-Basic Colorful Rainbow Dots Ear Tattoo

Earings are too mainstream, why not tattoos instead? To give a perfect amount of attitude to your aesthetics, why not have rainbow dots tattooed behind your temples? It’s a simple design indeed, but the sophistication surely is awe-inspring.


54. A Rose’s Colorful Rainbow Darkness Tattoo

Why do think black is a statement color for class? Or a basic trend for almost all of the arts? Anything placed on top of black will appear vibrant due to its emphasizing power. Rainbow colors, given the well-played contrast, is no exemption.


55. The Mystic Peek of a Cat in a Colorful Rainbow Blast Tattoo

It seems like cats are one of the most adorable creatures ever came into existence. Look at those eyes, with all the mist of colors behind, are like speaking directly to your soul.


56. Beautiful Colorful Rainbow Escape Feather Tattoo

When freedom birds fly from a feather,  made into a prepossessing skin art, and embedded with delightful rainbow colors, there’s no way a tattoo of this caliber can go wrong.


57. The Sound of a Colorful Rainbow Butterfly Tattoo

Butterflies – pinnacles of symbolism  for powerful and beautiful transformations. Altered with radiating colors made to resemble a rippling movement, this tattoo, therefore, will be loved by a lot of feminine at hearts.


58. Watercolor in a Black Cat

Because watercolors are inspiring basic tools of art, this tattoo is inspired by a water-coloring technique. In addition, it depicts a black cat transfiguring into pink-to-purple pallet.


59. Magnificent Colorful Rainbow Wings Tattoo

This tattoo is simply astonishing! Due to a colorful art extending from the back to half of your arms, creating an illusion of wings that move with your upper limbs, this tattoo is a genius!rainbow-tattoo-designs-61

60. Little Colorful Rainbow Flag Ear Tattoo

The rainbow flag was popularized recently to celebrate harmony despite out diversity. If you believe the cause, having this ear tattoo is a perfect opportunity for you!


61. A Colorful Rainbow Palette Tattoo

When you love rainbows, this simple but bold color palette is perfect for the wrist-side of your arms.


62. A Colorful Rainbow Flight of Stars Tattoo

Stars in a night sky are marvelous, twinkling spectacle of lights in a dark and dusty canvass. This tattoo is an attempt to immortalize the wonders of the stars, incorporating a rainbow touch to make it even more splendid.


63. “Love is Love” Colorful Rainbow Star-Heart Tattoo

This tattoo is an expression of love for the love itself. Added with the elements of stars, colors, and calligraphy strategically shaped into a heart, this art surely is a fine one.


64. Colorful Rainbow Abstract Hand Sleeve

Wear it like a glove, but in a highly artistic way! This abstract and colorful tattoo will overpower any nail arts available today.


65. Colorful Rainbow Brite Tattoo

Rainbow Brite is a magical girl from Japan that is a hit during the ’80s for little girls, and little girls at heart. This is obviously an icon with a heart of a unicorn and a love for rainbows.rainbow-tattoo-designs-67

66. Iridescence Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

Like goniochromism, this tattoo is like an illusion of a phenomenon where a surface, in this case your skin, appears colorful at certain illumination angles.


67. Colorful Rainbow Puzzle Tattoo

Think about your skin hiding a colorful flesh within. Furthermore, unlocking a view with a puzzle piece is simply amazing!


68. Colorful Rainbow Leopard Print Tattoo

When the fierceness of a leopard meets the playfulness of a colorful rainbow, you’ll have a sleeve with tons of fun!


69. Magically Colorful Rainbow Tree Tattoo

With all the crazy colors circling out from a pitch black tree, you’ll never see another boring tree!


70. The Monarch Butterfly and it’s Colorful Rainbow Flight

Mutating a monarch butterfly with colorful wings as a result, leaving fragments of watercolors behind like a rainbow shadow, this tattoo is enchanting at every inch that’s impossible to resist.


71. A Colorful Rainbow Flesh Within

Since bleeding claw scratches are too mainstream, why not reveal a colorful flesh within?


72. A Colorful Rainbow Swim

While fishes navigate the waters, this fish tattoo with a blast of colors will be made to look like swimming in a canvass made up of your skin.


73. Iridescent Bracelet

Since traditional bracelets are too conventional, why not tattoo one in the most unconventional gradient of colorful rainbow?


74. “Believe in Yourself” Colorful Rainbow Tattoo

This tattoo can’t get any lovelier! In other words, all the elements here with a colorful wrap of a rainbow blast can’t get any more perfect.


75. Colorful Rainbow Butterfly Tattoo

This tattoo is best suited for those who are young at heart. With its toony vibe and cuteness overload, this is an art that can sooth one’s heart even more.


76. Colorful Rainbow in the Pixel Realm

The arching bend of a rainbow line is a typical sight. However, rainbows can also collide with the virtual reality of pixels!


77. Candy Unicorn on a Rainbow Appetite

This pink-haired unicorn throwing up a rainbow is surely a peculiar but intriguing sight.


78. Soft Hues for a Light Feather

In order to express the literal lightness of a feather, this tattoo with a soft touch of a colorful rainbow pastel is designed to calm hearts.


79. The Girl and Her Colorful Rainbow Balloons

Everyone went through being a kid with unexplained  attraction to colorful balloons. Without a doubt, this tattoo is a reminisce to a sweet past.


80. Colorful Rainbow Lightning Flash Tattoo

The speed of a lightning flash is too tempting to be froze in time. Thus, this tattoo design is a must-have for that kind of desire.


81. The Tale of a Rainbow Starlight

A shooting star with a rainbow trail is indeed a tale to remember. In fact, it can even get more wonderful with this tattoo.


82. The Rainbow Arched in a Crescent Moon

Almost every rainbow art will be seen in a daylight canvass.  Meanwhile, this rainbow is a kind that loves soaring high in a colorful night sky.


83. Your Everyday Rainbow Cuteness

Sometimes, all we need is a teeny-tiny rainbow floating in cute clouds tattooed in your ankle.


84. Colorful Rainbow Shooting Star

Another shooting star with a colorful rainbow trail, this tattoo is the right amount of color for your life.


85. Beautiful Rainbow Curves

Beyond the world of unconventional stunts, this colorful tattoo that highlights the rainbow curves is surely a straight statement that you simply love a colorful art.


86. Peace is Colorful Like a Rainbow

Peace is indeed a colorful thing to achieve. If only rainbows are the only answer to a world full of adversaries, then we might have lived happily ever after. But this doesn’t mean that the struggle to attain peace ends here, because its just the beginning.


87. Quote that on a Colorful Rainbow Display

If you’re looking for a fun base for your favorite quote, you can just put it adjacent to a colorful rainbow form. Perhaps you’ll never let others read a boring text, so bring it out with colors and you’ll never regret!


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