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90 Ideas to Embellish Your Lips With Labret Piercings

labret piercing (1)

Labret piercings are also known as tongue pillars or soul patch piercings. These fun denominations do have some sense, especially if you know where they are placed. Arguably, the labrum refers to the lip. However, these piercing types are usually placed near or under the bottom lip. You will also see examples when the jewel goes through the lower lip. Regardless of their exact locations, these piercings are included in the labret category. An oral piercing without a doubt, the tongue pillar doesn’t require more than 6 weeks to 3 months to fully heal, which is a lot less than in case of other types.

When you wear jewelry in or next to your lower lip, you will automatically attract indiscreet looks. This would be flattering and you will definitely feel like you have embellished or at least accessorize one of your body parts right. There are multiple types of labret piercings, so that’s why you have to take a look below and discover 90 ideas that are meant to inspire you in your journey. In addition, there will be examples of unique jewelry that you might want to own later on.

1. Vertical labret piercing with gemstones

labret piercing (1)

This is a strikingly beautiful jewel that flatters the vertical labret piercing.

2. Labret piercing placed horizontally

labret piercing (2)

The jewel penetrates the lower lip horizontally.

3. Standard soul patch piercing

labret piercing (3)

This is the standard soul patch piercing that is located just under the lower lip, in the middle section.

4. Standard tongue pillar with a horseshoe jewel

labret piercing (4)

You can take things up a notch and place a horseshoe in your standard tongue pillar.

5. Tiny beaded vertical labret and pink lips

labret piercing (5)

Lipstick shouldn’t get anywhere near you piercing until it heals.

6. No need for a vertical labret

labret piercing (6)

If you wear a horseshoe ring on your lower lip, it will pretty much look like a vertical labret without the pain of one.

7. Vertical labret flatters plump lips

labret piercing (7)

If your lower lip is plump, you have all the reasons to get labret piercings!

8. Beauty enhanced with black jewelry

labret piercing (8)

Black jewelry is not for those of you who want to look natural.

9. Infinity ring as labret piercing


This jewel is called infinity ring because it is virtually infinite due to the lack of bead.

10. Red infinity ring for your lip

labret piercing (10)

If you don’t wear red lipstick, you can wear a red jewel in your lower lip.

11. Piercing in the middle on your lip

labret piercing (11)

A vertical labret is placed in the middle of your bottom lip.

12. Labret piercing on the side

labret piercing (12)

Part of a snake bite pattern or not, you can pierce your lower lip on the side too, not just in the center.

13. Flat gold bead on your lip

labret piercing (13)

After 6 weeks to 3 months, you can remove the initial jewel and experiment with others.

14. Soul patch piercing with large beads

labret piercing (14)

Such large beads will not bother you when eating or kissing. They are just flashier.

15. Badass look with a black horseshoe ring

labret piercing (15)

Sweet and romantic is not the look everyone is going for. So, this is an example of how to look badass with a tongue pillar.

16. Horizontal labrets are not common

labret piercing (16)

Basically a piercing that goes inside your lower lip, this one isn’t common.

17. Avoid jewelry that is too tight

labret piercing (17)

If you opt for a horseshoe ring and it is too tight, it will be uncomfortable and look awkward too.

18. Use cosmetic products with care

labret piercing (18)

Besides choosing alcohol free mouthwash and wiping your lip with salt water, you should also keep cosmetics away for a while.

19. Focus on the center of your face

labret piercing (19)

Septum piercings go hand in hand with labret piercings because they both draw attention to the center of your face, elongating it.

20. The gold and red combo

labret piercing (20)

If you are the glamorous type, you must try the gold and red combo!

21. Keep the jewel clean

labret piercing (21)

After you’re done applying lipstick, make sure to wipe out the jewel.

22. Create a straight line on your face

labret piercing (22)

Vertical labrets go well together with septum piercings, bridge piercings and others situated in the center of your face.

23. Cool enclosed bead ring on the side

labret piercing (23)

Cool kids wear these, so you could also give them a try!

24. Spikes must be worn with care

labret piercing (24)

These spikes aren’t too sharp, but they must be worn with care.

25. Twister for your bubbly personality

labret piercing (25)

The twister creates a fun image for people with bubbly personalities.

26. Snake bites and black lipstick

labret piercing (26)

Two lip piercings situated on the sides are called snake bites.

27. Same sized beads for all jewels

labret piercing (27)

Symmetry is appreciated by numerous perfectionists. Obtain it by choosing same sized beads.

28. Vertical labret for girls with sense of humor

labret piercing (28)

This girl has sense of humor and a vertical labret, so this means pierced girls are funny!

29. Lipstick might cause infections

labret piercing (30)

Professionals recommend flawless oral hygiene before and after piercing. Lipstick is not good news.

30. Multicolored ball for labret piercings

labret piercing (31)
Wearing multicolored beads under your lips is actually a good idea.

31. Shiny bead on your lip

labret piercing (32)

Whether the other end of this bead is inside her mouth or hidden by her lower lip is not important. The achieved look is.

32. Don’t let the jewel sink into your lip

labret piercing (33)

A jewel that sinks into your lip will irritate it and alter its shape.

33. Side lip piercing and red lipstick

labret piercing (34)

The side lip piercing doesn’t stand in the way of lipstick or other activities involving your lips.

34. Thick ring for your lower lip

labret piercing (35)

Stretching a labret piercing is not recommended, but it is practiced.

35. Long barbell for thick lips

labret piercing (36)

The long barbell is useful for when your lip is thick or when it will get swollen due to piercing it.

36. Spider bites with rings in them

labret piercing (37)

This piercings placement is called spider bites, but usually there are two studs inside, not two rings.

37. Virtually divide your lower lip in two

labret piercing (38)

A thin lip ring will virtually divide your lip in two sections, both very kissable!

38. Piercing aligned with your features

labret piercing (39)

The vertical labret must be aligned with the center of your upper lip and with your teeth.

39. Red, black and don’t go back

labret piercing (40)

Red and black is a color combination that has proven success.

40. Nude lips and lip ring

labret piercing (41)

Nude lips highlight lip piercings best.

41. Tiny bead like a mole

labret piercing (42)

This tiny bead looks like it’s part of her.

42. Snake bites and a vertical labret

labret piercing (43)

This is how three lip piercings aren’t a crowd.

43. Going from small to large

labret piercing (44)

Although this is definitely a cool option, the large bead might determine migration because it weighs more.

44. A sturdy tongue pillar

labret piercing (45)

Thick and fitted piercings last longer.

45. Simplicity with a labret design

labret piercing (46)

One inspired labret design has a lovely impact through simplicity.

46. Natural with a pierced lip

labret piercing (47)

Naturalness isn’t corrupted by a simple lip piercing.

47. Elaborate designs might interfere with regular activities

labret piercing (48)

Although a fashion statement, the vertical labret stands in the way of regular activities. The design should be as simple as possible.

48. Let the jeweled bead for under your lip

labret piercing (49)

It’s best to place jeweled beads under the lip, not on the other side.

49. Professionals do it better

labret piercing (50)

Although you’ll find tutorials on how to pierce yourself, keep in mind that professionals do it better!

50. Gold labret for charming vixens

labret piercing (51)

Want this look? Go for a gold labret!

51. Goth princess with regular labret piercing

labret piercing (52)

Labret piercings may contribute to your goth look.

52. Sporty and natural with piercings

labret piercing (53)

If vixens and goth princesses aren’t your thing, here’s another example.

53. The risk of migration

labret piercing (54)

Improper care, too much fiddling and wearing the wrong jewels can determine it to migrate.

54. Wear a fake one to make sure

labret piercing (55)

Before getting a labret piercing, wear a fake one to make sure it’s what you want.

55. Nude lips and gold ring

labret piercing (56)

This look can be obtained after minimum 6 weeks.

56. Glittery, pierced lips

labret piercing (57)

How do you like this style?

57. Bloody lips and snake bites

labret piercing (58)

Would this look be representative for you?

58. Classic goth look for a regular day

labret piercing (60)

Are you aiming for a complete goth look and relying on a labret stud?

59. Rebellious and sexy blonde’s style

labret piercing (61)

She seems to like horseshoe rings everywhere!

60. Piercing placed just above the chin

labret piercing (62)

This design fits the labret piercings definition the best.

61. Pretty flowers everywhere

labret piercing (63)

If you want unique jewelry, browse the Internet to find it!

62. Extra-large horseshoe ring

labret piercing (64)

This look can only be obtained with an extra-large horseshoe ring, adjusted to the size of your lower lip.

63. Decisions based on experiences

labret piercing (65)

Wearing a fake ring will help you decide based on your experience.

64. Loose lip ring for comfort

labret piercing (66)

Nice and neat isn’t everyone’s favorite. Loose rings work too.

65. Imitate the effect of a vertical labret

labret piercing (67)

A small horseshoe ring can help you imitate the effect of a vertical labret without piercing your lip twice.

66. Indian princess with snake bites and labret jewel

labret piercing (68)

Although original from Africa, the lip piercing can be mixed with other cultures.

67. Take a very close look

labret piercing (69)

This is a close up view and a personal image.

68. Beware of proportions

labret piercing (70)

Small lips will not look good with a huge jewel on them.

69. Wear the twister to impress

labret piercing (71)

The twister can be a comfortable and impressive jewel for your lower lip.

70. The most popular combo

labret piercing (72)

The snakebites and the labret piercing form the most popular lip combo of piercings.

71. Marking down the center

labret piercing (74)

Professional piercers will study your face and carefully find its center.

72. Stay gorgeous with piercings on

labret piercing (75)

This chick would’ve been gorgeous without the piercings anyway, but they are part of her personality.

73. Oral piercings as your passion

labret piercing (77)

Some people like oral piercings more than other face piercings.

74. Oral piercing as diversity

labret piercing (78)

If you already have face piercings, you can opt for an oral piercing as diversity.

75. A very flattering profile

labret piercing (79)

Looks like labret piercings flatter from any angle!

76. A way to be cooler than ever

labret piercing (80)

Besides being gorgeous, this girl is also cool and that’s because of her overall style, not just because of her piercings.

77. Wild hippie look with piercings

labret piercing (81)

Acupuncture is known to work as regular piercings too.

78. A clean feminine image

labret piercing (82)

Stylish and discreet piercings match the feminine look.

79. An edgy and fun style

labret piercing (83)

Wear one of each type of piercings to complete your style.

80. Do not smoke during the healing process

labret piercing (84)

Smoking and drinking alcohol will slow down the healing process, enhance bleeding and contribute to bad hygiene.

81. Be one of the prettiest girls

labret piercing (85)

Labret piercings and any other body modifications that you want will make you feel the prettiest.

82. Be comfortable in your own skin

labret piercing (86)

Self-confidence and self-worth can be boosted when you get what you want.

83. Emphasize your small lips

labret piercing (87)

Wearing a piercing in small or thin lips with emphasize them.

84. Stand out from the crowd

labret piercing (88)

A simple or standard labret piercing will be as interesting and as appealing as a less common one.

85. Add up to your bad girl image

labret piercing (89)

Black rings can contribute to your bad girl image.

86. Labret piercings don’t stop you from smiling

labret piercing (91)

On the contrary, you will be smiling when you see yourself in the mirror!

87. Bring out the pin up girl in you

labret piercing (92)

Be a modern pin up girl if that’s what you want.

88. The geeky temptress

labret piercing (93)

A pair of glasses, red lips and labret piercing will drive men crazy.

89. Simulate the look of a lip piercing

labret piercing (94)

Take a pic of your lips, Photoshop it and add a jewel to see how you’d look.

90. Find the perfect fit

labret piercing (95)

The placement of the upper bead doesn’t look comfortable. Try to find the perfect fit.

Expect to pay between $40 and $65 in almost any shop for one labret piercing that includes a standard jewel. Don’t forget that there are other costs included for the mouthwash and the cleaning solution. Indeed, you can make your own salt water at home, but I would rely on professional products. You can bring your own jewel, but make sure it’s made of stainless steel or titanium and that it has the right size for your desired piercing. The piercer should be able to sterilize it. Happy piercing!

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