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60+ Hot Back Dimple Piercings Ideas for Your Summer Look

Back Dimple Piercing ideas1

You don’t have natural back dimples? No problem! You can create the effect of back dimples with back dimple piercings! Also called Venus piercings, these ones emphasize your natural curves and make you look more attractive and feminine; guaranteed! In case you already have dimples, implanting jewelry under your skin will confer them a more pronounced look to attract the eyes of others. Yes, you’ve read it right! These types of piercings are in fact dermals. What does that mean?

Things are pretty simple: instead of putting a needle through your skin and creating a two-point piercing, this one consists in inserting an anchor under your skin and leaving the bead on its surface. I will be straight with you; it will hurt. Your back area will be sore and you will have a stinging sensation that will accompany you for about a week. In fact, the pain level you feel while getting pierced is nothing compared with the aftercare. You don’t easily have access to your lower back area, so you’ll probably have to ask someone to help you clean them. However, all these aspects don’t have to scare you because the sacrifices are totally worth it!

Are you a fan of low-waist jeans and bikini? If your answer is yes, then back dimple piercings are for you. Imagine yourself flaunting adorable jewelry while going out or at the beach. You’ll be a walking disco ball if the sun is shining and you’re sporting jeweled beads. How dreamy is that? In order to get there, consider piercing yourself 1 to 3 months before summer. That’s how long it takes for Venus piercings to heal. You won’t be able to go swimming if the piercings aren’t healed, so try to make your experience better by thinking ahead! Here are some examples:

1. Low-waist jeans are key

Back Dimple Piercing ideas1

Venus piercings aren’t meant to be covered, so low-waist jeans are key. Try not to wear tight clothes over the jewelry and be extra careful. The danger of pulling these types of piercings out is real.

2. One healed, one not

Back Dimple Piercing ideas2

Depending on how much pain you can endure, you may get both piercings at once or get one and come back later for the second one. This girl chose the second option. Playing it safe will prolong this experience, but it will give you time to heal.

3. Perfectly placed piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas3

You can’t really see your lower back area unless you look in the mirror, so you’ll have to trust the piercing technician with this. He or she will perfectly place your piercings because they are professionals and experienced, so you can trust them.

4. Perfectly fitted clothes

Back Dimple Piercing ideas4

Showing your muffin top will not be optional when wearing Venus piercings, so make sure to choose clothes that fit you, not those that are too tight. The skin around your piercings may become inflamed and prone to infections.

5. Beautiful healed back dimple piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas5

This is how your piercings will look like when they are healed. The healing period varies from person to person. It typically lasts between 1 and 3 months. If you are particularly healthy and you take care of them, they will heal faster.

6. Shining bright like diamonds

Back Dimple Piercing ideas6

White or jeweled beads will look bright like diamonds! This is the most popular choice among girls. However, there is a large variety of beads available for you to try. Different-colored beads might suit you better.

7. Diamonds and sweat pants

Back Dimple Piercing ideas7

I’ll admit it; this combination is not the best, but until the danger of infection and rejection passes, you’ll probably have to deal with it. Sweat pants aren’t tight at all, so you’ll feel comfortable and healing at the same time!

8. Bikini and Venus piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas10

Besides low-waist jeans, bikini is your second best choice. These piercings aren’t meant to be hidden although it’s easy to hide them. They are meant to be showed off in sexy bikini!

9. Short shorts and sacral dimples

Back Dimple Piercing ideas55

Short shorts might distract people from seeing your sacral dimples and the afferent jewelry. However, they are definitely an option for your summer outfits.

10. Opalite dermal piercings for lower back

Back Dimple Piercing ideas23

The second most popular types of beads for lower back piercings are the opalites. They stand out and can be matched with your clothes. Her jeans are dangerously close to her piercings. This is not a good outfit example.

11. Tattoo and dermal piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas47

Back dimple piercings may be combined with tattoos. They can be placed under a tattoo, like in the picture above, or they can be part of tattoos. You’ll see some examples below.

12. Clean, flat beads for your back

Back Dimple Piercing ideas51

The danger of pulling out the anchors lowers when you opt for flat ends. I think they are very similar with beads and I would use them for safety. Would you?

13. Sexiness taken to a whole new level

Back Dimple Piercing ideas11

Healed piercings like this woman has taken sexiness to a whole new jewel. She must’ve followed all the aftercare rules and now she’s enjoying her hot piercings. Since she’s in bed, I remembered an aftercare rule that says not to sleep on your back.

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14. Keep your belt in place

Back Dimple Piercing ideas12

While I wouldn’t want your pants to fall off, I must say that belts are forbidden if they reach the pierced area. You’re good if you wear them like this blonde chick.

15. An unforgettable view

Back Dimple Piercing ideas13

By sporting Venus piercings, you’ll give people a view to remember for a long time. Placed between the waist and your booty, this jewelry belongs in the must-have category!

16. The contrast makes the difference

Back Dimple Piercing ideas14

Contrasts always work when you want to highlight something. Tanned skin will bring out the white, so this chick wears white pants and white anchor ends.

17. Large jewelry, thin waist

Back Dimple Piercing ideas15

Back dimple piercings may be used to create visual effects as well. When wearing large jewelry, your waist and your overall body will seem thinner. I’m not saying that should be your goal. This is just the way it works.

18. Black works too

Back Dimple Piercing ideas16

You’ll not see many colored or black anchor ends or beads as Venus piercings, but it could be comforting for you to know they exist. Some stand out more than others. It goes without saying that skin-colored beads will not be flashy at all.

19. Almost transparent jewelry

Back Dimple Piercing ideas17

The effect of glass may be obtained by certain materials that reflect light. Her beads aren’t really transparent, but they look so though.

20. Nicely healed Venus piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas18

Daylight won’t allow you to hide any flaw. I guess that’s why this girl took this picture outdoors. She wanted to show us how nice healed Venus piercings look like.

21. Flawless back dimple piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas20

This is a flawless picture of a pierced woman. She proudly shows off her piercings caressed by the sunlight. Body modifications are meant to make you feel better about yourself; to be more you. She looks like she’s feeling that way.

22. Proud owner with sore skin

Back Dimple Piercing ideas21

Sore skin is a side effect of piercing your lower back. It will accompany you for a few days and make you feel uncomfortable, but, at the same time, it will be a sweet reminder of your new body mods!

23. Red bow and dimple piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas22

This combination between tattoos and piercings is all about femininity. It’s about cute beings that are so tender and sensual and brave at the same time that you feel like you can’t handle them.

24. Double lower back piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas25

The number of Venus piercings you can have is not limited. You may opt for this combo of 4 or you may take it up a notch and do more! It’s totally up to you, but you should think about the consequences as well. When you remove dermal piercings, you will have scars. They can be tiny or large. You never know how your skin will heal after they are removed. Removing them might not cross your mind now, but you’ll do it at some point in your life.

25. An awesome beach body

Back Dimple Piercing ideas26

Are you the type of girl who likes to go to the beach and likes to turn heads as well? You don’t need dermal piercings for that. However, people will notice you a lot easier because of your new piercings. Avoid bathing in the sea unless you’re sure the tissue around the jewelry is healed.

26. Don’t get scared easily

Back Dimple Piercing ideas27

I have to admit that this is not an encouraging photo. Even so, you shouldn’t get scared of some red, inflamed skin! This happens because the tissue is pierced and a strange body is inserted underneath it. It is normal for your body to react this way and it will pass sooner than you expect!

27. Misplacement is possible

Back Dimple Piercing ideas28

I don’t think this girl has perfectly placed dermals. This may happen if you don’t choose a professional piercer. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is for you to pay more in order to receive great services. She might be the one who wanted her piercings positioned like this or this could really be a mistake.

28. Just above the waistline

Back Dimple Piercing ideas29

When you are ready to get pierced, wear your favorite pair of jeans! They could serve as guideline for your Venus piercings.

29. Back piercings positioned atypically

Back Dimple Piercing ideas30

These types of piercings can’t be called dimple piercings anymore, because no one has dimples there. However, they are also sexy and easy to notice.

30. Other Venus piercing types

Back Dimple Piercing ideas31

If the girl from the picture above had 2 piercings placed close to each other, this girl has 2 piercings placed too far apart. She doesn’t have natural dimples, so those might be the spots where they are supposed to be.

31. Girl with natural back dimples

Back Dimple Piercing ideas32

Some fortunate women have natural back dimples, fact which makes piercing them a lot easier.

32. Lower back accessorized

Back Dimple Piercing ideas33

Do you like to accessorize? Well, your wrists, neck, ears and fingers aren’t the only ones that may be accessorized! Dermal piercings allow you to mount accessories on your lower back as well.

33. Trendy and tattooed

Back Dimple Piercing ideas34

This chick’s tattoo isn’t trendy right now, but her piercings are! I think she found a great way of reviving an old tattoo by adding a pair of jewelry. Her tattoo might turn into something else or go through a modification session, but until then it is cutter than ever!

34. Deep skin layers filled with awesomeness

Back Dimple Piercing ideas35

I’m not going to lie and tell you the piercing process is superficial. It is not, because it has to be stable enough to sustain regular beads, flat beads and jeweled beads. The anchor inserted under the skin acts like a support, making it harder to be rejected or pulled out when accidentally hanged.

35. Lower back vs. bottom

Back Dimple Piercing ideas36

I don’t know what guys would do, but I seem to be more attracted by this woman’s piercings than by her bottom. Bare skin and jewelry have that kind of effect that draws looks.

36. Dermal piercings placed apart

Back Dimple Piercing ideas37

Here’s another variation in terms of placement.

37. Healed and freshly pierced

Back Dimple Piercing ideas38

The jewelry from the left side is sitting comfortably under healed skin while the one from the right side is fresh! Ouch!

38. A view from above

Back Dimple Piercing ideas39

No matter how you look at them, Venus piercings are cool!

39. A close up view of Venus piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas41

See how beautifully jewelry fits in naturally formed dimples?

40. Generous curves touched by magic

Back Dimple Piercing ideas43

Regardless of your body shape, you can get dimple piercings if you want them. Don’t be intimidated by your flaws! Get pierced if you think that will make you happy.

41. Bring that booty out

Back Dimple Piercing ideas44

Having this type of piercings will make you more aware of your posture. When you will pose for pictures, you’ll have the tendency to bring your booty out like this girl does. How cool is that?

42. Exposing more than usual

Back Dimple Piercing ideas45

Piercings are proof that you are a creative person who isn’t afraid to express herself and modify her body. You will be tempted to reveal more skin and that’s totally ok as long as you don’t forget what tasteful means.

43. Jewelry with Swarovski crystals

Back Dimple Piercing ideas46

If you like Swarovski crystals, you may purchase them for your Venus piercings.

44. Jewelry with flat ends

Back Dimple Piercing ideas48

When you need to be practical, opt for jewelry with flat ends.

45. Sparkly surface piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas9

Sparkling might be the effect you want at a party. It’s obtainable, so don’t hesitate to get it.

46. Shirt and jeans combo

Back Dimple Piercing ideas49

If you like dresses and you’re wearing them constantly, you’ll be the only one knowing of your dimple piercings.

47. Fitted for all styles

Back Dimple Piercing ideas50

Your personal style is not an impediment when it comes to Venus piercings.

48. Keeping it simple

Back Dimple Piercing ideas52

You are sensual enough without piercings, so keep it simple when you get them.

49. Purple as a favorite color

Back Dimple Piercing ideas53

If you have a favorite color, you can wear it too! I’m not referring to clothes, but to jewelry beads!

50. Casual is for the best

Back Dimple Piercing ideas54

Until you get rid of the stinging sensation, it is best to wear casual clothes.

51. Act as natural as possible

Back Dimple Piercing ideas56

These piercings will be a part of you even if you don’t feel that way at the beginning.

52. Taking lots of pictures

Back Dimple Piercing ideas24

Taking a picture will help you get a better view of what happened back there.

53. The first look is precious

Back Dimple Piercing ideas57

You won’t be able to take your eyes off of your new piercings once you get them!

54. Don’t forget about the beach body

Back Dimple Piercing ideas58

We’re all trying to look good and feel good, so why not transform our bodies with tiny additions like these piercings?

55. Piercings as part of you

Back Dimple Piercing ideas59

Dermals are the type of piercings that are part of you. Literally.

56. Venus piercings next to a tattoo

Back Dimple Piercing ideas60
When you can’t integrate piercings into a tattoo, you can place them next to it.

57. The lower back combo

Back Dimple Piercing ideas61

The lower back combo consists in piercings and tattoos.

58. A body to die for

Back Dimple Piercing ideas62

For both piercing and tattoo enthusiasts, this girl has a body to die for because she is pierced and tattooed!

59. Ding dong and microdermal piercings

Back Dimple Piercing ideas64

I have no idea what that tattoo means, but the piercings are neat!

60. Black and white delight

Back Dimple Piercing ideas66

If you want to post a picture of your new piercings but the skin around them is really red, you can change the filter to black and white. Cool trick, isn’t it?

61. Dangerously close waistline

Back Dimple Piercing ideas67

Not wearing pants with a waistline this high is among the don’ts when it comes to back dimple piercings.

62. Long hair works as pointer

Back Dimple Piercing ideas8

When you have long hair like this girl, it will basically point towards your piercings, making them even more visible.

Besides having to think ahead to allow your body to heal, you should also think about costs. Expect to pay between $35 and $75 for each Venus piercing. Prices aren’t all the same at every piercing shop, so ask around and decide on which seems better. You should consider experience level, cleanliness and benefits. Some shops offer basic jewelry in the initial price, others do not. You can find cheap jewelry online, but keep in mind that it has to be made from surgical steel or titanium for your body not to reject them or get an infection. Happy piercing!

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