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Most Creative Compass Tattoo Designs: 96 Models That You Should Try At Least


Compass tattoo designs are some of the most successful tattoos for travelers or trip lovers. In the past, compasses were used by sailors as a sign of direction and guidance. Today, they have adapted to our modern times and can be interpreted in various shapes and forms, depending on the tattoo pattern.

If you are a travel lover, these 90 compass tattoo designs will mesmerize you. Regardless of this fact, they should have a personal or aesthetical meaning to you, so you can always remember their significance. These being said, we hope you are prepared to “hunt down” these awesome tattoo designs!

1. Forest Compass Tattoo Designs

An awesome fact regarding compass tattoo designs is that you can build a whole new story around them. We suggest adding a splash of color to get a stunning final result, like in the following example!


2. Geometrical Compass Tattoo

Looking for a nice combination between your favorite geometrical shapes and a compass? Then you should certainly take into consideration the following tattoo.


3. Arrow Compass Tattoo Design

Trying to add a special effect to your compass tattoo design? We suggest combing it with a tribal arrow, brightly colored and designed.


4. Star Shaped Compass Tattoo Design

Some of your favorite backless dresses would look stunning with this perfect “accessory”!


5. Wrist Compass Tattoo Design

If you don’t want to opt in for those simple compass tattoo designs, you can try to personalize it either with some playful geometrical shapes or with some personal symbols.


6. Circle and Arrow Compass Tattoo

Opt in for this mandala-like back tattoo design if you want to get a final stunning result, that would combine both sexiness and style!


7. Mountains Compass

The compass is one of the most suitable accessories for every single mountain lover out there. Get this representative tattoo to emphasize this preference more!


8. White Shades

Add some special white shades to your simple black and white compass tattoo design in order to get an unforgettable look!


9. The Combination

A real travel lover will always keep his beloved symbols closer to him, beautifully tattooed on the body: the map of the world and the compass.


10. The Classical Compas

If you’re looking for a simple and minimalistic compass tattoo design, this might be a perfect choice.


11. Multi-Circled Compass

Do you want to emphasize more your compass tattoo design? Then add some extra geometrical shapes to it and design them corresponding to the pattern.


12. Little Wrist Compass

This little (but significant) fellow out here will follow you through all your journeys, so keep it close!


13. The Rose Compass

If you’re looking for something more colorful and spectacular, we suggest combining your compass pattern with an elegant and colorful symbol, like the rose.


14. Detailed Compass

If you’re thinking of getting a big compass tattoo design, you should also take into consideration its pattern. Choose the following one for a plus of masculinity!


15. Fir Tree Compass

One of the most wanted “accessories” that you should carry with you when going on a trip into the forest is certainly a compass. But what about compass tattoos? Do they count?


16. Hand Compass

If you want to add a spooky effect to your next compass tattoo, we suggest trying the following one. Its shape and position won’t pass unnoticed!


17. Traveler Tattoos

Do you want to get a total traveler look? Then don’t forget to add a compass tattoo design between your other traveling symbols!


18. Text Compass Tattoo

If you want to add a personal style and effect to your compass tattoo design, you can try the following pattern. We’re sure that it won’t pass unnoticed!


19. Minimalistic Compass Tattoo

Try this minimalist & simple compass tattoo design if you’re looking for a matching wrist tattoo!

compass-tattoo-designs-1920. Quote Compass Tattoo

We all know that a simple compass tattoo design can easily be brought to life by a spectacular splash of color and a meaningful and motivational quote.


21. Common Compass Design

If you don’t want to complicate things and just keep it simple, we highly recommend the following tattoo design.


22. Classical Compass Tattoo Design

Classical tattoos are never out of trend. We can say the same about the following one, which is truly awesome!


23. Antique Compass Tattoo

Want to get that vintage look? Well, the following tattoo design will certainly help you out!


24. Anchor & Compass Tattoo Design

These two symbols are the perfect fit together, because in the past sailors usually used compasses to head in the right direction.


25. Abstract Compass

If you want to break the monotony, you can surely choose a pattern designed and thought by you, with an abstract effect, so that it will have a personal meaning.


26. Cute Compass

If you’re looking for a compass tattoo design that would combine both cuteness and style, you’re probably going to love the following one.


27. The Arrow on The Compass Tattoo Design

Add a great variety of symbols and items on your common compass tattoo design in order to make it unforgettable!


28. Train Compass

The way in which this stunning train tattoo pattern integrates a compass into its design is simply awesome. Speechless!


29. Toe Compass Tattoo Designs

Minimalist & simple tattoo designs also have their charm. The position of the body on which you’ll decide to get it will also play an important role!


30. Arrow Compass

There are many combinations between arrows and compasses, but some of them are so pretty and artistically designed that you’ll fall in love with them on the spot!


31. Rope Compass

Generally, the combination between a piece of rope and a compass can’t be considered a spectacular design, but this one is simply amazing. The color, the shade and the realistic shape and feel will totally leave you speechless.


32. Simple Compass Tattoo On The Toe

If you’re looking for a minimalist tattoo for a hidden part of your body, you should count on the following one: simple, classical and meaningful, all at the same time.


33. The Vintage Compass

There’s nothing more interesting than adding a vintage effect on your simple compass design. It will certainly get you out of your comfort zone!


34. Curly Arrow Compass

One of the best parts of having a customized compass tattoo design is that you can let your creativity flow while playing with the shapes and styles.


35. Authentic Compass

The design, colors, shape and background of this awesome compass tattoo design seem so real! Get it if you want to attract all looks on you!


36. Matching Compass

What can better express love and friendship than a matching compass tattoo, as a symbol of guidance and care?


37. Back Compass

If you’re thinking of getting a compass tattoo on your back, in terms of size we would suggest a medium one, so that it would be also pretty and easy to spot.


38. Meaningful Tattoo

Some choose tattoos because of their aesthetic shape, some choose them because they are stylish, but most of the people choose tattoos to express their feelings and story like we can see in the following one.


39. Red Splash Compass Tattoo Designs

If you want to improve your simple compass tattoo, just add some color to it! Red can be a great choice in these situations!


40. Home Traveller

While to certain people compasses might hold only the significance of traveling around the world, to others they symbolize the happy feeling of returning home.


41. Intense Colored Compass

If you want to emphasize more the design of your next compass tattoo, you should opt in for some black and burgundy shades, like in the following example.


42. Anchor Compass

As we mentioned earlier, the anchor and the compass have appropriate meanings. If you want to get a special combination out of them, try to add a splash of bright colors to the final pattern.


43. Mysterious Compass

If you think that your next compass tattoo design should be both inspiring and unique at the same time, you can opt in for a more complicated, yet creative design, that would certainly turn heads. However, you should maintain the attention on the compass symbol.


44. Star Compass

Star compasses are unique, creative and special by means of their shape and style. They are casual and nice at the same time and can be easily positioned anywhere on the body, depending on their size.


45. Heart Vs. Compass

Follow your heart, it will take you places that your compass never would!


46. Flower Compass

The compass can take any form and shape, depending on your preferences and style, so choose wisely!


47. All Around The World Compass

If you are a convinced traveler that is willing to travel all around the world, this compass tattoo design will certainly leave you speechless.


48. Sun And Moon Compass

Opposites attract, they say. Maybe this is happening with this awesome compass tattoo design because it is very catchy!


49. Curly Star Compass

If you’re willing to turn your future compass tattoo design into a star shape, also consider adding some curly shapes into it, in order to get a unique final result.


50. Map Compass

The map and the compass are two complementary symbols that you shouldn’t miss if you’re a convinced travel lover!


51. Compass Arrow

If you’re looking for a classical compass tattoo with a twist, the following one might be a great choice.


52. The Compass Mechanism

Build a whole mechanism around your compass tattoo design in order to get a spectacular final result!


53. Colorful Compass

Brighten up every single day of your life by choosing the following colorful compass tattoo design.


54. The Ship

Taking into consideration that in the past the compass was always present in every sailor’s pocket, the following tattoo makes perfect sense. Not to mention the fact that it is also very beautiful!


55. Rose Antique Tattoo

Get this vintage tattoo, emphasize it by means of its powerful shades and you won’t regret! It’s simply one of a kind!


56. Compass By The Sea

Choose this classical compass tattoo design to have a constant memory of summer, sea and waves.


57. Circled Compass

As you probably have seen already, you can get a lot of different shapes and forms out of your simple compass tattoo design if you decide on combining it with some spectacular geometrical shapes!


58. The Compass And The Arrow

Even though the association between the arrow and the compass is pretty common, you can personalize your design as you want so that the final result would be unique!


59. Double Meaning Compass

The design of the following compass tattoo is really interesting, mainly because it is also resembling an anchor. The more meanings, the better!


60. Classical Compass Tattoo

Classical compass tattoo designs are never out of trend. You can see this for yourself by looking at the following example!


61. Majestic Compass Tattoo

The shape and design of the following tattoo are simply majestic. You’ll fall in love with it from the very start!


62. Back Compass Tattoo Designs

Back compass tattoo designs should have a certain dose of elegance and sexiness, so choose your pattern wisely!


63. Feather Compass Tattoo Design

Personalize the lines of your next compass tattoo design as you wish, so that in the end the final result will be stunning.


64. Colorful Compass

Adding a splash of bright colors to an awesome tattoo design never killed anybody! Just look at how awesome the following example is!


65. Rounded Compass Tattoo Design

Choose this round compass tattoo design if you’re searching a minimalist, yet casual tattoo with a great symbolistic.


66. Arrow Compass

The arrow and the compass are the most suitable symbols that can be placed together on a compass symbol. Let your creativity flow on the next tattoo by using them!


67. Detailed Compass Tattoo

When speaking of compass tattoo designs, details are everything. One single detail, like a splash of color, a pattern or a shape could turn your simple tattoo into an unforgettable one.


68. Meaningful Compass Tattoo

Being a meaningful symbol for itself, the compass can also be associated with certain quotes or items in order to have a personal tent.


69. Ring Compass

Who needs a gold ring when you could have such a beautiful compass tattoo on your finger?


70. Feathered Compass Tattoo Design

Add a small, simple feather on your next compass tattoo design so that it will have a stunning final effect.


71. Neck Compass

What can be sexier than a well created and patterned compass tattoo design on the neck? Try it for yourself and find out!


72. Color Splash Compass

Childish compass designs can be a great choice if you want to get a playful final look. Splashes of colors and unconventional items are welcomed too!


73. Back Start Compass Design

Star compass tattoo designs are some of the most suitable patterns when it comes to choosing your next back tattoo. Choose it for a spectacular final effect!


74. Peace Compass Tattoo Design

If you want to inspire a feeling of peace, relaxation, as long as a good vibe, choose this well-patterned compass tattoo design, which is beautifully integrated on the top of the arm.


75. Rose Compass Tattoo Design

If you want to get a final vintage and elegant effect on your next compass tattoo design, we suggest trying the following one.


76. Shaped Compass Tattoo Design

Play with your favorite geometrical shapes in order to design your next compass tattoo design!


77. Landscape Compass Tattoo Designs

Some of the most beautiful compass tattoo designs are the ones that are combined with a peaceful and well-designed background that should emphasize their meaning and uniqueness.


78. Black Shaded Compass Tattoo Design

Black shaded compass tattoo designs have their own special particularities. They are easy to spot, they are well contoured and they can be unforgettable if they have a unique design.


79. Rose Compass

Rose lover? Well. if you’re thinking of getting a new tattoo with a compass design, don’t forget to accessorize it with your favorite symbol!


80. Classical Compass Tattoo Designs

A classical compass tattoo design will never be out of trend. Choose it if you want a casual pattern.


81. Palm Compass

Need a trusty life companion? Well, this beautifully designed palm compass tattoo design might be the one for you!


82. Dream Catcher Compass

As we mentioned earlier, you can make a lot of special combinations between a compass and other similar symbols or items. Just look how stunning the following example looks!


83. Flower Compass

If you’re looking for a girly total design, choose this cute combination between flowers and geometrical shapes. It will leave you speechless!


84. Quote Compass Tattoo Designs

Personalize your common compass tattoo design by adding your favorite quote on it! It will certainly catch the attention!


85. Mountain Compass Tattoo

What a lovely combination of a marvelous mountain landscape integrated into the shape of a compass!


86. Alive Compass

The beautiful shades of green on the following compass tattoo look so beautiful that we might think they are alive!


87. Simple Compass Tattoo Design

Opt in for this simple compass tattoo design if you want to get a classical final look!


88. Colorful Star Compass

Star compass tattoo designs are well-known for their unique shapes and looks. Add a bright splash of color to your favorite one to turn it into one of a kind.


89. Forest Shaped Compass Tattoo

This forest-inspired compass tattoo design is more than suitable for every single nature lover out there!


90. Black Splash Compass

The following compass tattoo design inspires power, will and attitude.


91. Sun and Moon Compass

There is no other tattoo that would express love and carefulness more than the following one does.


92. Casual Compass Tattoo Design

Looking for a simple and casual tattoo design? The following one might inspire you.


93. Clock Compass Tattoo

What an awesome and creative combination between a compass shape and classic clock design!


94. Traveller Compass Design

If you are a convinced travel lover, a tattoo design similar to the following one should totally inspire you!


95. Globe Compass

Get this awesome globe compass tattoo design as a “souvenir” for your traveling passion!


96. Sun Compass Tattoo Design

Being a powerful symbol of energy and vitality, the sun is a perfect item that can be combined with your next compass tattoo design in order to achieve a final stunning look!


These being said, let us know which one is your favorite! Choose wisely with your heart the most suitable compass tattoo design! Don’t forget that it should match your personality, style and stories!

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