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76 of the Most Inventive Wedding Band Tattoo Designs


Weddings just aren’t traditional any longer. People are searching for new ways of making their weddings and marriages special. They aren’t happy with just a traditional look that is too boring for them. They want the latest and coolest trends that hit the wedding scene. What the modern engaged couple wants is a unique symbol in which they can express their love for one another. Or maybe some people just want to get away from the expense involved in purchasing wedding bands. On average, most people spend around $5000 on an engagement ring alone. That doesn’t include the wedding band or the groom’s band. Of course, that’s nothing compared to the actual wedding, but the rings can certainly add to the expense.

Many couples just want a sign of their union as well; they want to avoid the commercialism of marriage and get down to what really matters. Many couples are deciding not to get rings at all and going for the most non-traditional approach to wedding bands.

Marriage is supposed to be a lifetime event, the ultimate commitment between two people. Many couples want to get a reminder of their love that is a little more permanent than the ring on their finger. There are many great tattoo ideas that a couple can get that can either replace a wedding band or just go underneath one. There are bands that don’t resemble a ring at all and there are even Celtic-style tattoo bands. You can get a wedding ring tattoo in virtually any shape or style.

Many celebrities including Beyonce and Jay-Z have sealed their marriage with wedding band tattoos. It’s brought about a lot of popularity to the idea. Wedding band tattoos are forever, so make sure that you get something that you are in love with even if it is going underneath the band.

There are many new traditions that are popping up on the wedding scene these days such as trash the dress, honeymoon registries and now wedding tattoos. If you want to get away form the traditional side of things, then getting permanent wedding rings is a great non-traditional element.

Not only will you be forever linked but you can also be forever inked to one another. If you want something different to mark your marriage, then throw away those traditions and get a wedding band tattoo.

76 of the Most Inventive Wedding Band Tattoo Designs

1. Personalized Designs

Personalize your own designs and then mark your finger forever.


2. Initials

Adding your initials are a simple way of showing your love for one another.


3. The Crowning Heart

This is a sweet way of showing your love. A crown represents royalty while the heart represents your love.


4. Sweet Designs

A complimentary design that the both of you can share together.


5. Personalized Jewelry

This tattooed ring is a personalized design that compliments the lady.


6. Traditional Rings

These are traditional rings for the guy and girl but tattooed versions.


7. Simple Lines

These plain janes just choose simple lines for their rings. If you want something that is no nonsense, then these designs are best for you.


8. The Male Ring

Sometimes a job requires you to take your ring off, in this case just the man has the tattooed ring. He wouldn’t need to worry about taking off his ring while at work.


9. Salutations

A simple Mr. or Mrs. will do the job nicely here.


10. The Date

Maybe it’s your wedding date or the day of your first date but marking the proper moments could be just the way you want to honor your marriage.


11. Love Knots

Maybe you share a love of sailing, but these nautical knots are a sweet way of staying connected.


12. Make it Personal

Choose a tattoo that means something to you so that you each have something personal.


13. For Eternity

These look like religious markings, possibly for a Christian marriage. The eternity symbol is also added to represent eternal love.


14. Fishing Hooks

This is a cute tattoo addition for those that are hooked on each other.


15. “R” Initials

Put your loved one’s initials on your ring finger forever.


16. Hearts

These hearts have the eternity symbol running through them. It’s a sweet way of saying, “I love you.”


17. An Acorn

Maybe it’s an inside joke or a connection to a memory that you two share, either way, these are fun additions to the tattooed wedding band list.


18. More Initials

Another example of initial tattoos, these are in italics.


19. Single Initials

Another example of how elegant initials can be on the ring fingers.


20. Simple Designs

If you are looking for a simple design, then look no further than this one.


21. Eternity Stamps

These eternity symbols will bind you both together forever.


22. King and Queen

If you feel like royalty together, then you may like the king and queen tattoos. There are different crowns for the wife and husband.


23. Royalty

Another example of the king and queen tattoos.


24. Symbols

Choose a symbol that fits your personality and roll with it.


25. Creative Designs

This couple created designs that suited what they wanted in a ring design.


26. Ring Designs

A traditional ring design that fits her likes. Choose a ring design that suits your personal style.


27. Fiery Love

These are personalized designs that also have a burst of color to them.


28. Ornate Initials

Another example of the initial tattoo, these are rather large, and they are very ornate.


29. A Message

Say “I love you” anyway that you want and then wrap that love around your finger.


30. Howling Wolves

There is obviously a story behind this tattoo and it’s a great example of how you can choose something that means something to just the two of you.


31. Your Name

By Choosing Mrs and attaching it to your new last name, you are marking your love forever.


32. An Irish Design

These tattoos are made for the Irish, and they are made differently for the girl and the guy.


33. Random Hearts

They share a love of video games or comics, either way, they have personalized their love for each other.


34. Eternity and Beyond

This eternity symbol is interwoven with another design creating a beautiful ring.


35. Mark Your Names

Be branded by each others name as a cute tattoo idea.


36. Eternal Love

Another example of the eternity symbol tattoo, these being much smaller.


37. Traditional Rings

These are traditional ring designs they even have the white gold and yellow gold aspects.


38. Creative Rings

These fun ring designs are beautiful creations.


39. Stunning Rings

These rings would bring a smile to anyone’s face they are stunning designs.


40. Ship’s Wheel

These nautical symbols could represent a shared love of the sea. It’s a great way of remembering special memories together.


41. Abstract Designs

These are great designs for someone looking for something different.


42. I Love You

A simple message of love is all you need to join the two of you together forever.


43. Unique Designs

Another example of how you can create your own ring to suit your style.


44. To the Side

Add the Mrs. design to the side of your finger, and you can still wear a traditional ring. It’s a sweet reminder of your marriage vows.


45. The Big Day

Have the day of your wedding tattooed as your wedding ring and that day will be in your memory forever.


46. Traditional Designs

If you want a tattoo that still looks like a ring then try these designs out.


47. Cartoon Designs

Another example of using initials as your wedding band.


48. The Cross

These symbols can not only connect your union together but also represent your spiritual lives as well.


49. Ornate Cross

This cross is larger than the others and has more detail to it as well.


50. A Connecting Heart

This cool design has the bands as half hearts that are only whole when the two of you are together.


51. Matching Designs

These matching designs are very sweet symbols. You can represent your spiritual lives while also your eternal love.


52. Geometric Designs

These are unique designs, and they look really cool together. A geometric design can be something cool that the two of you share.


53. Swirling Designs

Initials done with swirling designs offer a overall sweet look.


54. Black Initials

Another example of how you can use initials to join the two of you together.


55. Branches

These simple branches create a ring that is truly unique. It’s a soft design that will be different from all the traditional rings out there.


56. Personalize It With Your Name

Mark your wedding finger with the name of the person you love the most. Add some color to it as well to give it a little pop.


57. Symbolic Rings

Choose a ring design that is symbolic to the two of you. These designs are beautiful, and they have meaning behind them.


58. The Wedding Knot

A bowtie on your finger is a reminder of the love that the two of you share. It’s a sweet example of a great tattooed wedding band.


59. The And Symbol

An unusual design but maybe that’s exactly what you are looking for, something that separates the two of you from everybody else.


60. Creative Elements

These rings are beautiful and creative; they represent the couple’s personal taste.


61. Written Salutations

These beautiful symbols are a great example of how elegant a simple salutation can look on your ring finger.


62. Sticking With Tradition

Although this couple decided to get tattooed wedding bands they still opted for a traditional style of ring.


63. Thin Wedding Bands

This wedding band is thin on the finger, and it’s an elegant design as well.


64. Embellished Designs

Another example of how a personal design can make the perfect matching bands for the both of you.


65. The Key and Locket

The key and locket are a popular design for couple tattoos. It’s a sweet choice for a wedding band as it shows you who has the key to your heart. I also like the added color involved with the design.


66. Very Realistic

This couple opted for traditional wedding bands as well, and it looks like they tried to get the rings to look as realistic as possible.


67. A Feather Ring

This feather ring is perfect for a woman, it’s feminine and elegant, something that would look good with anything. I love the feather detail because it’s wonderfully unique.


68. The Love of the Sea

These are people who love the sea or possibly things that go on under the sea. The male ring has a spear on it reminiscent of the spears male mermaids carry in a royal kingdom. It’s an unusual design that shows creativity and originality. Create your own unique design to represent your personal love affair.


69. A Locket

Another example of a lock and key tattoo. This style is a little bigger than the last, but the colors still make it pop perfectly.


70. Tiny Designs

Another example of tiny eternity symbols that look great on the ring finger. There is nothing more romantic than having the idea of eternity marked with your partner.


71. Ring Initials

These initials connect as a ring and the look is bound together. It’s a traditional design with a little flare to it.


72. Eternity Sideways

This eternity symbol is on the side of the finger which gives you the option of a totally different love.


73. Not Matching

Your wedding bands don’t necessarily have to be matching ones. These designs are beautiful because they are different from the other.


74. The Modern Look

These designs are very different from the other. They are a great example of how the couple chose designs that suit their own personality. If it’s something you have to wear for the rest of your life then why not have something you love.


75. The Wedding Band

These bands match and they are traditional in design. A matching band can make you feel more connected to your partner.


76. Thick Bands

These are traditional bands but much thicker. Typically it is a man that takes a ring that is thicker in size but in this case both partners have the same design.


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