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87 Bold and Exciting Places to Get Your First Surface Piercing

Surface Piercing (1)

Piercings can be painful, but the pain is so short lived that you don’t need to be afraid of it. Piercing is nothing more than having a foreign object put into your skin. Everyone is different when it comes to how your body reacts to foreign objects in the skin. Some will be okay with it while others will reject the object and push it out.

Surface piercings aren’t like traditional ones. It’s usually done with a barbell; they do this because due to the shape of the barbell it makes it difficult for the body to push it out. Healing, however, can be more difficult.

If you are thinking of getting a surface piercing, make sure you go to a piercer that is reputable so that you are confident it will be done right. The fact that there are times the piercing is rejected even on a good day you want to make sure you work with someone who knows what they are doing. Not to mention it’s for your own safety as well, if a piercing is done incorrectly, there can be a lot of damage to the tissue.

Surface piercings can be sensitive once they are completed. You need to be very careful with the piercing, even after it’s healed all it takes is a bump before you can have the rejection process start up again. Once a piercing starts being rejection it’s not something that can be stopped.

Best Places for Surface Piercings

  • Hip
  • Nape
  • Sternum

How Surface Piercings Heal

Surface piercings are actually harder to heal than traditional ones. Although it may not seem like it, surface piercings take up more surface than a traditional piercing, and it causes more damage to the tissue. It’s important to avoid any friction on the piercing. The best place to get a surface piercing is in a low key area.

When you choose an area for your piercing, make sure there is as little movement in that area as possible. The wrist and nape are a popular choice for people because they like the way it looks but it’s also high traffic areas that can cause you more problems than you need. Your wrists are constantly used for tasks such as writing, eating, typing and even shaking hands. The nape of your neck, of course, is always moving and can be a high impact area. Not only do you use your neck a lot in motion but you lay on your back and also brush your hair, and you could be hitting the piercing constantly.

When the piercing is healing it is good practice to clean the area with a saline solution or a sea salt mix. If you can easily reach the area, then add your saline to a small cup and flip the cup over the piercing. The entire piercing will be submerged with this method for optimal healing.

It’s common for a piercing to become infected so keep your eye on it. Look for drainage and crusty areas. If you do see crusty areas, don’t pull on them as they can cause more damage to the tissues. It’s best to use a wet Q-tip and gently rub the area until it comes off.

It’s important for there to be breathing room in between the barbell and the swelling. It makes it easier for the piercing to drain properly. It depends on the kind of jewelry you are using, and your piercer should know the best options for you. There is a barbell that has flat tips instead of the balls if you can get that option it would be the best one for you. It allows for less of a chance that it will get knocked or bumped.

There are many types of surface piercings that you can get depending on your own personal style. Below are some of the best surface piercings out there today!

87 Bold and Exciting Places to Get Your First Surface Piercing

1. A Finger Gem

This is a simple but sweet surface piercing. The gem is delicate in nature but still gives some pop.

Surface Piercing (1)

2. A Snakebite

This snakebite tattoo is a classy look just below the navel. It;s simple and not overdone.

Surface Piercing (2)

3. Star Spangled

A simple design with two studs and a star. If you are looking for a simple look, this one is for you.

Surface Piercing (3)

4. An Earlobe Design

If you want something around your ear, then try this simple design. Two simple studs right in front of the ear complement the rest of her piercings.

Surface Piercing (5)

5. Collarbone Piercings

This is a unique look in a sexy area. The collarbone is a classy area that leaves a bit of mystery. This would be an area you would need to be careful of during the healing process.

Surface Piercing (6)

6. A Bold Look

Not too many people are willing to pierce their face but if you are the adventurous type then look no further. She has multiple surface piercings. It looks like there is a line of dots going down the center of her face.

Surface Piercing (7)

7. A Nape of the Neck Look

Another risky area for healing but it’s still a popular look. It’s just one barbell under the surface.

Surface Piercing (8)

8. Collarbone Love

Another collarbone tattoo, it’s a nice look, if you can be careful with it.

Surface Piercing (9)

9. More Collarbone Love

Another collarbone look which is an exquisite design for someone looking for an interesting look.

Surface Piercing (10)

10. Centerfield

Yet another collarbone piercing, this one, howeve,r is centered in the middle of her chest. It gives a different look, not a mysterious as the previous ones, but still a good look.

Surface Piercing (11)

11. Tattoo and Piercing Combo

This is a look that combines a tattoo and a surface piercing together. The tattoo was clearly completed first, and the surface tattoo is the completing look. A pearl stud to act as the pearl inside the clam.

Surface Piercing (12)

12. Gemstones

This look is elegance as the surface piercing is little gemstones which give a more glamorous look. These few are set behind the ear.

Surface Piercing (13)

13. The Middle Finger

It’s certainly a bold message if this is the look you are going for. Putting any piercing on your middle finger is sure to draw some attention. It’s a bold look but very badass.

Surface Piercing (14)

14. Arm Gems

These surface piercings can be easily rejected if they are bumped enough times. Be careful with them. The look itself is a unique one that is sure to draw attention.

Surface Piercing (15)

15. Studded Ears

Another earlobe style with the piercing just ahead of the ear. The jewelry used is just one barbell.

Surface Piercing (17)

16. Barbell Neck

The barbell is placed on the nape of the neck. It’s another risky area, but it also looks pretty cool.

Surface Piercing (18)

17. The Middle Finger Design

Piercing the middle finger seems to be a popular design for piercings. It’s a unique look that certainly looks badass. If you want to send a message then this is the piercing for you.

Surface Piercing (19)

18. Bring Attention to the Bosom

This is a cute look, and it tends to emphasize any cleavage you might have. It;s a great overall look and truly unique. It could be a high traffic area though so try to avoid friction.

Surface Piercing (20)

19. Nape Gemstones

An elegant look created with gemstones. The look is really emphasized by the gemstones.

Surface Piercing (21)

20. These Sexy Lips

It’s certainly a sexy look if that’s what you are going for. The lip is a high friction area of course with eating and kissing so the piercing could be rejected. The gold really makes the style pop.

Surface Piercing (22)

21. The Nape of the Neck

This great piercing is certainly a popular one.

Surface Piercing (23)

22. A Lone Piercing

One barbell completes this ear style. It’s right in front of the ear drawing attention to it.

Surface Piercing (24)

23. A Chesty Piercing

This sexy piercing draws attention to the bosom, giving you a sexy style.

Surface Piercing (25)

24. Under the Tongue

This bold look is not for the weak or weary. You will be able to feel this one every moment of the day. It’s hard to say if this one would get rejection due to all the food that goes inside the mouth.

Surface Piercing (26)

25. Multiple Surface Piercings

Both sides of the cheeks and the tongue. All high traffic areas so it could be risky for rejection. It’s a bold look if you want piercings in your face.

Surface Piercing (27)

26. Cheek Piercings

A sexy look that is produced by adding in studs to the cheeks. If you want something bold, then this is the look for you.

Surface Piercing (28)

27. Sexy Lips

One barbell in the bottom lip creates a sexy look. If you want something seductive, try this style out.

Surface Piercing (30)

28. Double Studded

Another ear look, this one, however, has the double gemstones.

Surface Piercing (31)

29. The Look of Collarbones

A sexy collarbone piercing is a very popular look.

Surface Piercing (32)

30. Piercings Above the Bottom

These piercings are incredibly sexy and look very appealing. Two gemstones perfectly positioned to create a sexy behind look.

Surface Piercing (33)

31. Nape Lovers

A standard nape look, this one runs vertically instead of the traditional horizontal nape style.

Surface Piercing (34)

32. Thumb Love

This unique surface piercing has the barbell at the base of the thumb. It’s truly a unique look.

Surface Piercing (35)

33. Bite Marks

These neck piercings are a vibrant red and give a look of being bitten by a vampire. It’s clearly the look the owner was going for. If you are looking for something vampy than try this style on for size.

Surface Piercing (36)

34. Hip Piercings

With this look, she has a standard belly button piercing as well as some surface piercings close to her hips.

Surface Piercing (37)

35. Snakebites for the Lips

These sexy snakebites are below the lower lip giving off some bold and sexy vibes.

Surface Piercing (38)

36. Double Collarbones

With this style she got both collarbones pierced, giving a different but symmetrical look.

Surface Piercing (39)

37. Small Hip Piercing

This surface piercing is small and delicate, residing on the hip.

Surface Piercing (40)

38. A Sternum Style

This is a popular look to have a surface piercing on the sternum.

Surface Piercing (41)

39. From the Cheek to the Breast

These are both sexy piercings. The owner has one in her cheek as well as just above her cleavage.

Surface Piercing (42)

40. Wrist Piercings

These wrist piercings can eventually reject if they are bumped too often. It’s best not to have them in high friction areas. This double barbell look is a nice one, though.

Surface Piercing (43)

41. Colorful Balls

These balls will bring some color to your waistline.

Surface Piercing (44)

42. Snakebites All Over

This sexy look is achieved with some mysterious collarbones surface piercings as well as snakebites around the lip.

Surface Piercing (45)

43. We Love the Nape

Nape piercings are so popular because they are a effortless sexy look.

Surface Piercing (46)

44. A Studded Brow

These double barbells give a studded look that arch around her eyebrow. A very cool look indeed.

Surface Piercing (47)

45. A Studded Ear

This surface piercing is right in the cartilage of the ear. It’s a sweet look that will go well with any other ear piercings.

Surface Piercing (48)

46. Double Studded

Another double studded collarbone look, this one with multiple colors.

Surface Piercing (49)

47. Sexy Studs

There are multiple surface piercings along her hips. They complement the already existing belly button tattoo.

Surface Piercing (50)

48. A Tongue Piercing

Similiar to getting your tongue pierced except it’s just on the surface.

Surface Piercing (51)

49. Pretty in Pink

Another wrist piercing, this one is pretty in pink.

Surface Piercing (52)

50. A Long Line

This is a very unique take on the nape piercings. It’s multiple barbells trailing down the nape of her neck. I especially like the blue color.

Surface Piercing (53)

51. A Single Sternum

This is a simple and elegant look. Just a single stud on the sternum makes for a lovely design.

Surface Piercing (55)

52. Love the Ears

Another ear piercing with it studded right in front of the ear.

Surface Piercing (56)

53. The Studded Eyebrow

The barbell above the eyebrow gives a similar look to when you simply pierce your eyebrow.

Surface Piercing (57)

54. The Look of Piercings

If you are looking for a bold look with a lot of piercings, then this is the one for you. She has multiple surface piercings all over her face.

Surface Piercing (58)

55. Cheek Piercings

These are unique looks if you are looking for something different.

Surface Piercing (59)

56. Sexy Hips

The hip surface piercings are incredibly sexy, and they always look great with a standard belly button piercing.

Surface Piercing (60)

57. Three is a Charm

Another look at the ear piercing except this one has one barbell and a stud.

Surface Piercing (61)

58. One-Sided Surface Piercing

This hip piercing is just one-sided.

Surface Piercing (62)

59. Colorful Hips

These hip piercings are bright in color giving a look a little pop.

Surface Piercing (63)

60. Cheek to Lip

These great surface piercings are truly a cheeky style.

Surface Piercing (64)

61. Temple Shots

This is a unique look with the barbell right against the temple. It’s a pretty look that anyone can pull off.

Surface Piercing (65)

62. Lip Piercings

Another take on the lip piercing, this one a little less sexy and more elegant. The piercing is just above the top lip and looks stunning.

Surface Piercing (66)

63. Hips Have Style

The standard surface piercings for the hip along with a belly button ring.

Surface Piercing (67)

64. Palm Piercing

With this look, it could be risky for rejection as your hand comes in contact with many things. It’s a unique barbell look if you want something different.

Surface Piercing (68)

65. The Hip Look

Another one-sided hip piercing. It’s definately a popular style.

Surface Piercing (69)

66. Knuckle Piercings

This is a different look for anyone looking for something badass. It’s almost like having brass knuckles. Three barbells come together to make this look.


67. The Nape Piercing

The nape piercings are definitely a popular choice.

Surface Piercing (71)

68. Chest Piercing

If you want to draw the eye to the clevage then look no further than this piercing.

Surface Piercing (72)

69. The Piercing and Tattoo Combination

Combine a tiny moustache with a gemstone piercing and you get this cute face. It’s a great idea for a unique look.

Surface Piercing (73)

70. Wrist Piercing

Wrist piercings that look cool.

Surface Piercing (74)

71. Fingertips

Multiple fingers to create a unique look.

Surface Piercing (75)

72. The Cross Piercing

A gemstone inside the cross, a great combo.  Tattoos and piercings make great combinations.

Surface Piercing (76)

73. Draws the Eye

Another chest piercing that draws the eye.

Surface Piercing (78)

74. Popularity of the Collarbone

Yet another collarbone piercing to suit your needs.

Surface Piercing (79)

75. Unique Designs

A great choice in jewelry for this look.  The zig-zag barbell is really cool.

Surface Piercing (80)

76. Sweet Hips

Another sexy version of the hip piercing.

Surface Piercing (81)

77. Nape Art

Another look at the nape art.

Surface Piercing (82)

78. A Triple Threat

A nape piercing with three barbells.

Surface Piercing (84)

79. Collarbone Art

An elegant look with gemstones.

Surface Piercing (85)

80. Wrist Designs

A great look with some risk involved. Just try to avoid any rubbing or friction during the healing process.


81. The Sexy Nape

The sexy look of the nape piercing.

Surface Piercing (87)

82. The Elegant Wrist

This look takes elegance to a whole new level.

Surface Piercing (88)

83. Sexy Studs

Chest piercing can be very sexy; it’s all about positioning. It draws the eye no matter what, it’s a great look for anyone.

Surface Piercing (89)

84. A Complimentary Style

The surface piercing is right alongside the standard belly button piercing. The two work really well together.

Surface Piercing (90)

85. Wrist Jewelry

Another wrist piercing, it’s important to avoid any type of friction.

Surface Piercing (91)

86. Beautiful Blue Nape

I love the colors of the barbells in this piercing look. The blues are bold and piercing, a beautiful choice.

Surface Piercing (92)

87. Spread out Nape

This nape look is a little more spread out than the previous looks. Depending on the look you want, the wider barbell may work better for you.

Surface Piercing (93)

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