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80+ Double Layered Rook Piercings to Accessorize Your Ear

rook piercing 1 (3)

Rook piercings have been embellishing our ears since the early 1990s when a courageous guy named Erik Dakota experimented with them. The truth is that this piercing technician from California was a real visionary. He is also the one who made industrial and daith piercings popular. Although known, this type of piercing is still not common. It is actually still considered quite unique due to its location. Also called antihelix, this awesome piercing idea highlights a part of the ear that no one pays attention to. If you want to up your accessorizing game, you should definitely rely on the rook piercing. Since it’s a cartilage piercing, it is able to sustain various types of jewelry that, if chosen carefully, will represent you and highlight your personality traits.

The pain factor

Rook piercings are cartilage piercings. They are located just above the tragus and penetrate two layers of your ear. Since the cartilage is not as soft as the ear lobe, piercing it will be more painful. If you are already the proud owner of an industrial piercing, you can expect the same type of pain. If you are not, think of it as a temporary sacrifice for a long period of stylish and unique ear piercing! Thinner than the tragus, this type of piercing will be less painful than a tragus piercing. So, depending on whether you have experienced the pain of other ear piercings or not, you can tell how painful this one will be. The bright side is that the pain only lasts for a few seconds until the piercing is done, so you can definitely handle it!

The cleaning routine & healing time

The cleaning routine of rook piercings is highly influenced by what type of jewelry you settle for. The closed bead ring or the barbell are the most recommended types of jewelry. You can wear these for as long as you need to heal and then change them with other, cooler designs. In order to clean a rook piercing you will need saline solution and cotton pads and swabs. There will be residue building up around the jewelry. That has to be soaked in saline solution and carefully removed. Do this once or twice everyday for the first month and you will avoid infections and enjoy a beautiful piercing! In addition, it would be ideal for you to avoid swimming pools, lakes, dirty pillows, towels and even holding your phone on the pierced ear. Don’t  use alcohol and peroxide. They will dry your skin unnecessarily.

1. The cutest antihelix

rook piercing 1 (3)

The rook isn’t exactly a part of the ear easy to highlight. In fact, no one has ever paid attention to it until there was a jewel hanging from it.

2. The antihelix with a barbell

rook piercing 1 (2)

When you want a less common ear piercing, you have to take the rook into consideration. Look at how good it looks like with a barbell going through!

3. There’s no lack of variety

rook piercing (96)

Okay, maybe you won’t be able to wear this type of jewel from the very beginning, but knowing you have a large variety of jewels to choose from is really comforting!

4. Golden jewel for a healthy rook

rook piercing (95)

Rook piercings are as pretentious as other types of piercings when it comes to jewel materials. The most recommended materials for jewels are titanium, niobium or surgical stainless steel. However, gold works too for most people. Do not be tricked by imitations!

5. Tiny barbell for the rook

rook piercing (94)

Even if your ear is already full of piercings, you can still get one or more rook piercings. The secret is to choose small jewels that compliment the other ones and not draw attention from them.

6. Find a combination that says style

rook piercing (93)

If 5 people have rook piercings, you will be able to differentiate them by style. The way you combine ear jewelry and what shapes and colors are totally define your style.

7. Blue opal and gold for fashion

rook piercing (92)

If trendy and fashionable represent you, then you have to try this combination! Opal and golden jewels are trendy right now and they look might good too!

8. Simple and delicate with crystals and silver

rook piercing (91)

The color of silver is that of titanium and surgical steel. So, do avoid silver as a material and focus on getting beautiful jewelry that is also safe to wear and allergy free.

9. Create a half moon with a barbell

rook piercing (90)

This girl found a way to keep her ear’s theme by including a barbell in her rook. Cartilage piercings take longer to heal, so choose wisely!

10. Tiny rook for minimum visibility

rook piercing (89)

Your ear will be swollen and sore after you pierce it, so you can opt for a tiny jewel to keep attention off of it until it heals and you can wear statement jewelry.

11. Rook piercings and others

rook piercing (88)

Antihelix piercings are not hard to combine with other types of cartilage piercings and earlobe piercings.

12. Cleanliness with larger accessories

rook piercing (82)

Cleanliness and ease of cleaning can be achieved with larger accessories. This girl is wearing a barbell that is longer than she needs. However, that’s also a great trick to caring for the piercing better.

13. Curved barbell with shiny stones

rook piercing (83)

Awesome looking, this jewel is among top choices. It is shiny, cute, feminine and suited for rook piercings!

14. A hoop with a flat bead

rook piercing (87)

Hoops are cool, recommended and diversified. This one is enclosed with a flat bead and a sort of white, opal stone to match the others.

15. Rook piercing and other unique piercings

rook piercing (86)

The antihelix is not the only unique ear piercing. You can see the above hoop combined with it.

16. Barbell with two colored stones

rook piercing (81)

The curved barbell is versatile enough to hold more than one colored stone, charms and so on. Besides that, it is anatomically correct for this piercing type.

17. Go black and silver

rook piercing (80)

If you want to keep it simple, but not boring, you can combine black and silver as the main colors for embellishing and accessorizing your ear.

18. Create parallel lines

rook piercing (85)

What’s great about the antihelix is that you can arrange it to form geometrical shaped with other piercings that are located in the cartilage. Geometry is pleasing to the eye. It’s found in every object and in nature.

19. Elongate your ear visually with a barbell

rook piercing (84)

Visual effects trick the eye. You can obtain them with the help of a proper positioning of the rook piercing and by choosing flattering jewels.

20. Make it stand out

rook piercing (79)

Proud of your new addition? Make it stand out by choosing a jewel of a brighter color than the others. The effect is guaranteed!

21. It’s okay to have a favorite color

rook piercing (74)

Rook piercings are visible enough to show off, so the color of the beads really matters. Whether you pick your favorite color or you match it with your hair or outfit, the outcome is always jaw dropping!

22. Rook for beginners

rook piercing (69)

With no other cartilage piercing, getting a rook is definitely a beginner step.

23. Emphasize the upper and lower parts

rook piercing (64)

Both these piercings are valuable. One emphasizes the upper part of the ear, while the other the lower part of the ear.

24. Tragus and flesh tunnel work too

rook piercing (65)

Ultimately, if you are really an ear piercing fan, you’ll want every area of the ear pierced. This is totally possible because they all go well together.

25. Crystals and shiny stones

rook piercing (70)

Maybe putting a huge bling bling as rook piercing isn’t the best idea. Luckily, you have shiny stones that create the same effect.

26. Snug that rook

rook piercing (75)

The vertical piercing is a rook piercing and the horizontal one is a snug piercing.

27. A row of ornamental hoops

rook piercing (76)

Are hoops and rings among your favorites? Here’s what you can do with them!

28. An uncommon barbell

rook piercing (72)

This barbell retains the shape of a regular barbell, but its endings are totally original and flattering!

29. When cartilage piercings meet

rook piercing (71)

Conch and rook make a great cartilage piercing meeting. The best part is that when you get a rook, you’re already familiarized with the pain level involved.

30. Give your ear a royal look

rook piercing (67)

Doesn’t this arrangement of piercings and jewels give you the feeling of royalty?

31. Make a statement your way

rook piercing (66)

This girl’s got style and she knows it. The rook couldn’t look better!

32. Pretty and uncommon arrangement

rook piercing (68)

Getting one or more uncommon ear piercings doesn’t mean you’ll have a tough look. On the contrary, you can make it pretty.

33. Blood and bruises are normal

rook piercing (73)

A few drops of blood and a slight coloration of the tissue surrounding the pierced area are normal. Keep cleaning it regularly and avoid sleeping on that side!

34. Ear pierced to perfection

rook piercing (77)

When the piercings are properly placed, the jewelry is right and the healing is done, your ear will look as perfect as this one!

35. Don’t be afraid to wear color

rook piercing (78)

Far from being a common combination, wearing colored jewels is cool! Blue and green can easily be replaced with pink and purple if that’s what you like.

36. Curved barbell for simplicity

rook piercing (57)

Did you finally gathered enough courage to pierce the rook area of your ear? That’s great because the curved barbell is out there, waiting to pick it up!

37. The double rook piercings

rook piercing (51)

Not everyone can get double rook piercings due to their ear shape. However, if you can, this is how it would look like.

38. A curved barbell and nothing else

rook piercing (45)

To prove how empowering and good-looking the rook is, it can be worn without being mixed and matched with others!

39. Fresh piercings are obvious

rook piercing (46)

A fresh piercing is obvious due to the purple ink used to mark the spot and the possible soreness. Cover it up if you don’t want the attention until it heals.

40. Let it be the special one

rook piercing (54)

Among lots of common piercings, you can let your rook be the special one.

41. Rook, tragus and upper lobe

rook piercing (52)

Do you already have a tragus and an upper lobe piecing? Add an antihelix and create this look!

42. Sun shinning on your ear

rook piercing (58)

Brighten your look and lighten up the mood by adding a piercings with suns instead of beads.

43. Be careful with the size

rook piercing (60)

Short or long barbells can become uncomfortable. Choose the size carefully and take advice into consideration! Ultimately, the piercing technician will do what you ask.

44. Add color for highlight

rook piercing (61)

Colored beads are enough to highlight your new piercing addition!

45. Stay classic until it’s healed

rook piercing (55)

You might be tempted to change the classic jewel with another one, but don’t do that with the risk of infection, pain and discomfort.

46. Brave enough to get two

rook piercing (56)

This girl was brave enough to get two piercings in one sitting. This step is only recommended for people with high tolerance to pain. Don’t make piercing a bad memory!

47. Closeup view of a healed rook

rook piercing (63)

This barbell looks like it belongs because the tissue is impeccably healed.

48. Black is sometimes the answer

rook piercing (50)

In contrast with a pale skin, black jewelry creates the kind of dramatic look some of you are looking for.

49. Fresh piercings additions

rook piercing (48)

This is how your ear will look immediately after you pierce it. There will be swells and there will be buildup. All of these are common.

50. A half of a rook

rook piercing (40)

This girl cheated. She got a simple upper ear cartilage piercing. This is not a rook, but totally looks like half of one!

51. A sign of modernism and femininity

rook piercing (36)

Sometimes you can tell a lot about a person just by looking at his or her piercings and accessories.

52. When the rook is missing

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

As you can see, the parts of the ear that are pierced are always drawing attention. The ones that are not piercing, ae often being overlooked.

53. Emphasize on the outer ear

rook piercing (29)

Putting a rook piercing in this girl’s ear would balance it.

54. A jewel shaped like your heart

rook piercing (28)

This is one cute and adorable piercing model! Choose it if you think it defines you!

55. Simple heart for you ear

rook piercing (41)

Wear your feelings with pride!

56. Emphasis on the upper ear

rook piercing (37)

A rook piercing and a couple of other cartilage piercings will emphasize your upper ear.

57. A clean ear to place piercings in

rook piercing (38)

If your ear looks like this or close to this, you can now plan an entire look for it!

58. Add a rook where it’s needed

rook piercing (32)

Slowly going upward, this woman is going to create a masterpiece if she adds one or more rook piercings.

59. A tiny diamond hoop

rook piercing (34)

Tiny diamond hoops are stylish and adorable at the same time.

60. Heart and pink for Valentine’s

rook piercing (33)

This look made me think of Valentine’s Day. See how easy it is to send a message? Quick and thin holes in your ears mean much more than just that!

61. Monochromatic minimalism on ear

rook piercing (39)

Add a brightly colored jewel in the rook and you’ll obtain a totally different look!

62. Piercings scattered everywhere

rook piercing (44)

They say one has to try everything at least once in a lifetime, right? This is how you do it when it comes to piercing types.

63. Flower hanging from the rook

rook piercing (43)

Rook jewelry isn’t boring. It has to be classic at first, but it opens up a lot of possibilities afterwards.

64. Cool safety pin and a regular hoop

rook piercing (42)

I don’t know what to look at first: the cool safety pin or the rook hoop?

65. Cover unaesthetic blood vessels

rook piercing (22)

This jewel type is ideal if you want to cover up blood vessels. If you look closely, you can see that she has some visible ones around the jewel.

66. Sea world on your ear

rook piercing (12)

White, blue and a starfish are all part of the sea world. You can pick any theme and decorate your ear accordingly. Rook piercings are versatile enough to contribute significantly to a theme if that’s what you have in mind.

67. An opportunity to pick and combine

rook piercing (13)

Since the rook piercing is double layered, you can see both ends of the jewel. This fact makes it easy to combine.

68. She needs a cartilage piercing

rook piercing (18)

Not only does she need a cartilage piercing, but she also wants it. I can tell because of the auricle type of piercing. If you have doubts about getting a rook or another cartilage piercing, you can try some fake ones at first and decide later.

69. Heart shaped stainless steel for effect and safety

rook piercing (23)

Inspired choices are not always safe too. However, you can now find great ideas that are also safe. The example above is worthy of following!

70. Unnoticeable lack of the antihelix

rook piercing (19)

This is one other great example of how less the rook part of the ear is noticeable without a jewel inside it. Her current arrangement of piercings is flawless too!

71. Simple captive bead rook piercing

rook piercing (15)

Unaccompanied and regular, this is the simplest model out of all rook piercings.

72. Hoops , barbells and studs

rook piercing (20)

Just for the sake of diversifying shapes and sizes, you can play with piercing types like hoops, barbells and studs. Combining them always guarantees you a great result!

73. An infinity ring with a leafy addition

rook piercing (26)

Infinity rings have no obvious ending or beginning. They can be ornamented with something like this leaf or kept simple. They are available everywhere, so you shouldn’t have any problem purchasing one if you like it.

74. When desire meets possibility

rook piercing (27)

There is virtually no place of your body that you cannot pierce. Rook piercings are classical piercings that go in and out.

75. Helix and antihelix in one

rook piercing (21)

A large horseshoe ring can bring together two types of piercings, namely the helix and the antihelix. Awesome idea, don’t you think?

76. Straight barbell for roomy ears

rook piercing (16)

Some people have tiny rooks that can barely be pierced, while others have enough room to wear a straight barbell. Make sure your rook can be pierced.

77. Experience more than less

rook piercing (11)

Earlobe piercings aren’t challenging, they don’t hurt and they heal fast. If you want to experience something more, try the antihelix.

78. The spiral twist barbell

rook piercing (6)

Nice, sparkly and positive, the spiral twist barbell is also suited as jewel for the rook piercing.

79. Being girlie all the way

rook piercing (1)

Don’t give up your girlie tastes when you get pierced! No one wants boring accessories. That would defy the very purpose of accessories.

80. Lifeless flowers as ear accessories

rook piercing (5)

You can wear a flower in your hair and in your ear. The difference only consists in your attitude about it.

81. Traffic lights in your rook

rook piercing (10)

This jewel makes me think of traffic lights. It doesn’t have the same colors, but its shape is definitely similar. Talk about hearing what you want!

82. A snug is not a rook

rook piercing (9)

Many people think the snug is the same thing as the rook. Remember that the rook is located above the tragus if you ever have doubts.

83. A dramatic choice of jewels

rook piercing (4)

Regardless of exact location, black jewels always create a dramatic look. Combine that with uniqueness and you have a setting to adore!

84.  The silver infinity ring

rook piercing (3)

The silver infinity ring offers a minimalist look that you might like. Its closing system differs compared to the other types of hoops available on the market at the moment.

85. Helix, conch and no antihelix

rook piercing (8)

Wouldn’t a rook fit right in between the snug and the antihelix?

86. Simulating the final look

rook piercing (7)

Simulate the real look on your computer. Some of you can make a decision based on a simulator. Do this with a computer program.

87. Take another look

rook piercing (2)

If all these examples convinced you to get a rook piercing, then take another look at your ear without one.

Rook Piercing Price

Prepare between $35 and $50 for one rook piercings. This is the average price for most professional parlors. You have to also think about the price of the jewel. If you don’t purchase one prior to the piecing session, you can buy one from the salon your picked. Depending on material and type, a jewel may cost between $2 and $50. Discuss your options with the piercing technician or do some research online before picking one. It’s really important to love your first jewel because you’re stuck with it until the flesh is healed or up to 3 months. Happy piercing!

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