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60+ Play Piercing Ideas for Self-Expression and Spiritual Pleasures

Play piercing ideas2

Probably the oddest and most ritualistic type of piercing, play piercing is here to present depth and spirituality through needle play. It might be difficult to understand why certain people enjoy needle play without the satisfaction of actually wearing a piercing after they’re done. However, this experience is not about wearing jewelry, but about reaching a certain point when pain becomes pleasure. A sort of acupuncture, play piercing is most used for spiritual or sexual purposes.

The visual effect of the following play piercing ideas will be both shocking and downright beautiful. They are temporary embellishments or sexual enhancers known to generate the production of endorphins. People create different patterns on their bodies or their partner’s body. Experts advise you to avoid the eyes area by all means.

When it comes to recommended body areas that are also erogenous, the buttocks, breasts, abdomen, back, thighs, and genitals are on the list. However, if you’ve never tried play piercing before, you should learn more about safety measures and needle insertion before you begin. Here are 65 play piercing ideas to satisfy your curiosity or find inspiration!

1. Insert new wings

Play piercing ideas2

Take 27g needles and some feathers to transform your back in a work of art and feel how’s like to have wings.

2. Play piercing on face

Play piercing ideas3

Although the eyes area should be generally avoided when playing with needles, experienced players cannot be stopped. The yellow needles are thin with a 20 gauge.

3. Cool pattern on chest

Play piercing ideas4

Area where your skin is thicker require large gauge hypodermic needles. You can differentiate them by color. For example, the purple ones are thinner than the gray ones.

4. Heavily pierced cheeks

Play piercing ideas5

Girls usually pierce their cheeks to resemble dimples, but when it comes to play piercings, things are a lot different.

5. Creating a pattern

Play piercing ideas6

Although this woman has rings through her skin, she will not keep them. Needle play is often about creating something beautiful, but not permanent.

6. A circle of needles

Play piercing ideas7

Thighs offer enough room to create various patterns, so they are excellent locations for play piercings.

7. Needles across the neck

Play piercing ideas8

When you want precise patterns, you will have to use a surgical skin marker.

8. Scarification and needle play

Play piercing ideas9

Play piercings are a form of body modification as well. The holes heal and the bruises too, but when you practice it often, you’ll get marks.

9. Pleasure from purple hubs

Play piercing ideas10

If the needles you choose are too fine, they will bend. So, for chest skin, opt for needles with purple hubs because they have a 24 gauge.

10. In a vertical line

Play piercing ideas11

The neck is a very erogenous area especially among women. This girl didn’t use hypodermic needles, but some other type of piercing needles.

11. Two rows of feathers

Play piercing ideas12

Man’s fascination for flying reflects in play piercing as well. You’ll see more than one example of needle play and the attachment of feathers.

12. Different colored needles

Play piercing ideas13

The color of the needle’s hub depends on its gauge. That’s why they have various colors, because they can be differentiated easily. This is a plus when creating patterns like the one above.

13. Rows of spirals

Play piercing ideas14

As you can notice, some needles are shorter than others. This is an advantage for those who play with needles because the creation of patterns becomes more flexible.

14. Needling lips together

Play piercing ideas15

Play piercing may offer you sensations that you can’t otherwise experience.

15. Transforming your face

Play piercing ideas16

Needle play is a way of creating looks that aren’t conventional and not committing to them.

16. Safety pins for fashion

Play piercing ideas17

This person looks interested in fashion and the safety pins from his face are part of a special outfit.

17. Corset with safety pins

Play piercing ideas18

Safety pins aren’t recommended for needle play, but if you use them right, you can add string and create a corset.

18. Corset with needles

Play piercing ideas19

This is how the needle-ribbon combination looks like. Which one do you like better?

19. Sticking needles in a voodoo doll

Play piercing ideas20

This person has a sense of humor! He got a tattoo of a voodoo doll and then he played with needles like he was a practitioner. The messages written on the doll are all negative, so I guess he’s trying to make them go away.

20. Needle play on tattoos

Play piercing ideas21

When it comes to needle play and tattoos, one has to be very careful not to ruin the tattoos.

21. A skull’s face

Play piercing ideas22

Play piercing is a sort of art too. This is because it stimulates one’s imagination. Visually appealing patterns are a plus!

22. Thin ribbon and needles

play piercing ideas23

Going for the conventional corset piercings is uncomfortable. Instead, you can use thin ribbon and needles to enjoy a temporary one.

23. A pretty flower

Play piercing ideas24

In case you were wondering, the long, yellow needles are called cannulas. They are a lot thicker and longer than the hypodermic needles.

24. A special necklace

Play piercing ideas25

Some people wear necklaces, other get a necklace design tattooed around their necks and others use needles to create one.

25. Heart on abs

Play piercing ideas26

Too bad there aren’t any red needle hubs! These are arranged in the shape of a heart.

26. Superficially inserted needles

Play piercing ideas27

In order to avoid pain, needles may be inserted superficially under one’s skin.

27. Piercing the ear

Play piercing ideas28

Ears are the most pierced body parts around the world.

28. A set of wings

Play piercing ideas29

This play piercing pattern is original to say the least. It creates the feeling of actually having wings that connect your back with your arms.

29. Piercing finger skin

Play piercing ideas30

Playing with needles recreationally looks like this.

30. Keep mouth closed

Play piercing ideas31

You can keep your mouth closed naturally or run needles through your lips.

31. Heart of needles

Play piercing ideas32

The heart is among the most popular needle patterns.

32. A happy needle player

Play piercing ideas33

Judging by the amount of needles and the message, this person is a happy needle player!

33. Another type of corset

Play piercing ideas34

Play piercing is fun and allows you to be creative!

34. An up close view

Play piercing ideas35Here is how the needles look when they are inserted under skin.

35. A complex pattern

Play piercing ideas36

She must have a high level of pain tolerance!

36. Simple needle play

Play piercing ideas37

When you want to feel different types of needles going through your skin, you can experiment like this.

37. Masculine needle play

Play piercing ideas38

Men have thicker skin, so they experience greater pain.

38. The ultimate bond

Play piercing ideas39

This couple took physical connection literally.

39. Up close cannulas

Play piercing ideas40

Because of their size, cannulas look scary to me. How do you feel about them?

40. Two pretty circles

Play piercing ideas41

These needles are superficially inserted and in a pretty pattern!

41. A perfect square

Play piercing ideas42

Play piercing is better when you have a purpose!

42. A circular effect

Play piercing ideas43

Did you notice that almost every pattern created with needles is positive?

43. A big heart

Play piercing ideas44

The back is large enough to express your love using needles!

44. Cannula all the way in

Play piercing ideas45

This example is a little on the extreme side. Do not try this unless you know what you’re doing!

45. Pierced and happy

Play piercing ideas46

You can tell how benefic the piercing experience is by looking at people’s faces.

46. A full-length corset

Play piercing ideas47

The length of the piercing corset is up to you.

47. In and out

Play piercing ideas48

This is a needle player who loves to play with cannulas more than needles!

48. Another pretty heart

Play piercing ideas49

The shape of a heart is easy to create with needles.

49. Superficial chest piercings

Play piercing ideas50

Beginners may try this pattern out!

50. Playing with safety pins

Play piercing ideas51

Safety pins are okay to use only if they are sterile.

51. Piercing the lip

Play piercing ideas52

The lip area is not painful to pierce and it heals faster than other body areas.

52. Pentagrams and ribbon

Play piercing ideas53

Are these pentagrams or stars?

53. Always wear gloves

Play piercing ideas54

To avoid infection and contamination, you should always wear gloves.

54. Needle play on face

Play piercing ideas55

Thin needles may be used for piercing face areas.

55. Cheek got pierced

Play piercing ideas56

If your cheek is thick, this might hurt a little.

56. Regular belly button piercing

Play piercing ideas57

This is a common belly button piercing.

57. In a straight line

Play piercing ideas58

Someone else may pierce you if you’re aiming for a very precise result.

58. A pink heart

Play piercing ideas59

Similar to the green heart, this is a pink heart of needles.

59. Piercing feet skin

Play piercing ideas60

Feet skin is more sensitive, but it can also be pierced.

60. Redhead prefers pink

Play piercing ideas61

Those pink needle hubs match this girl’s hair color!

61. That is fake blood

Play piercing ideas62

You might notice a few drops of blood during play piercing, but not as much as this girl has on her face.

62. Becoming a bird

Play piercing ideas1

By adding needles and feathers to your back, you can obtain a look similar to a bird. How interesting is that?

The cost of play piercing is not standard. You’ll probably find few piercing parlors where they will pierce your for fun. Needle play is more about experiencing at home alone or with a partner. Taking safety measures is an important part of play piercing. Make sure you are using sterile needles, gloves and disinfectants all the time. Do not reuse the needles and seek medical attention if you think you’ve done something wrong. Needle play is meant to be enjoyed and it is really able to offer more than physical sensations if you explore it the right way.

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