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99 Creative Music Tattoos That Are Sure to Blow Your Mind

music tattoo design (1)

If you are a lover of music, then a music tattoo might be exactly what you are looking for. Music tattoos are actually very popular tattoos to get. There’s no wonder that tattoos with a musical theme are popular because music brings a lot of inspiration to many people’s lives. Some people base their whole lives around music, especially if it’s part of their career or if they find themselves in a band.

Music brings a lot of happiness to people and having a tattoo to represent that would be ideal. The gift of composing music is one that not too many people can say they have. Music is a calling to many, a passion that you can’t get enough of. Music can cause us to feel many different emotions, many people have cried at the lyrics of a song. It allows us a moment to escape reality and really go into another world. A place where we all feel safe and accepted. It’s a great way to get lost and de-stress from the outside world. We can release your feelings and truly feel one with the music because we love it.

For people in the music world, music becomes their life. People who love music, also tend to get music themed tattoos. A lot of musicians are into tattoos, it’s usually the case, musicians typically like a lot of tattoos.  Musical tattoos are often seen as works of arts to the musicians that wear them. A symbol of their true passion. It’s a way for people who love music to express themselves.

Below are 99 creative music tattoos that are sure to blow your mind:

1. Graffiti Tattoo

This is a great design because it looks like a graffiti design with a microphone in the middle. It’s a very creative design and has a lot of bright, beautiful colors with it.

music tattoo design (1)

2. Inside the Skin

There are many different tattoos designs you can get that are 3D and make it look like you can see inside the person’s skin to reveal something else. In this case you can see the handle of a guitar. It looks fantastic as a black and white design.

music tattoo design (1)

3. Music Note

This music note looks like it came together randomly through a splotch of paint. It’s quite the creative design if you are looking for something unique.

music tattoo design (2)

4. The Heart is The Note

This music note comes in the form of a heart. A different version of a original music note if you want to add some love to your tattoo.

music tattoo design (3)

5. Inner Arm Tattoo

If you like the look of a guitar then this might be the tattoo you are looking for. It just shows the inside of the guitar but it’s definitely a different take.

music tattoo design (4)

6. Headphones

This is a great look for a musical design, truly something different. If you happen to be in the DJ business, this might be the tattoo for you.

music tattoo design (5)

7. A Diamond Sign

This is another look at the inside of the guitar but this time, it’s inside the diamond shape.


8. Different Instruments

There are many forms of the guitar, and this is another bright example of other musical instruments you can use.

music tattoo design (7)

9. Colorful Guitar

This long guitar look ends with some music notes. The purple gives it a little pop.

music tattoo design (8)

10. The Black Rose

This tattoo is a little dark with the black rose and the splash of red. Is it blood or just a splash of paint, it’s hard to tell. A great design with a music note inside.

music tattoo design (9)

11. Ribcage Tattoos

A large tattoo but certainly very colorful. These music notes are killer amongst the butterflies.

music tattoo design (10)

12. The Lifeline

What a great tattoo for people who love the piano. Sometimes music is truly a lifeline for musicians. This black and white tattoo is pretty cool.

music tattoo design (11)

13.  A Love Affair

Is this a love affair with music or between two lovers. Whatever it is, it’s a creative design.

music tattoo design (12)

14. Bracelet Microphone

This microphone comes in the form of a bracelet. It’s a unique and gorgeous design that looks delicate on the wrist.

music tattoo design (13)

15. A Kitty Note

A unique take on the music note, in the form of a kitty. it looks great in black and white.

music tattoo design (14)

16. A Note That Flies

This large music note separates into a bunch of small ones. This great design is unique because it has flittering points that look as if tehy are flying away.

music tattoo design (15)

17. A Note With Significance

This music note has some significance with the unusual design. It’s two notes combined.

music tattoo design (16)

18. Music in the Eye

This detailed tattoo is incredible. There are music notes, a piano and a record player inside the eye. It’s amazing.

music tattoo design (17)

19. Finger Notes

These notes are all along the fingers, a note for each one.

music tattoo design (18)

20. A Heart Beat

These musical instruments are in the shape of a heart. It’s quite a unique design that any musician will love.

music tattoo design (19)

21. A Mixture of Notes

These music notes are all jammed together into a unique design.

music tattoo design (20)

22. Tiny Designs

This is a cute design that wraps around the hips. It’s a lot of different instruments and notes that create a great design.

music tattoo design (21)

23. Old-Fashioned Record Player

The old-fashioned record player is a great design for someone who wants something unique on their arm.

music tattoo design (22)

24. Beginning of a Song

I’m not sure what I love more the great splashes of pink and purple or the music lyrics. The combination is amazing.

music tattoo design (23)

25. The Cross

This music note is in the form of a cross, a unique design. If you want something a little biblical then this is a great design.

music tattoo design (24)

26. Notes and Lyrics

A great design for someone who wants a large design. A note and some lyrics, a great design.

music tattoo design (25)

27. Music in Another Language

Music in the form of some music notes. A great design because it’s creative and unique.

music tattoo design (26)

28. Music Notes

Another example of a great music note design. It also looks great in black and white.

music tattoo design (27)

29. A Scratchy Surface

A great music note in a scratchy design. I love the design because it’s a different design with a lot of edge to it.

music tattoo design (28)

30. A Simple Note

If you want something small and simple, then try this design on for size. It’s simple and can fit just about anywhere.

music tattoo design (29)

31. A Singing Microphone

This microphone shows a great design as it’s combined with some singing lyrics. What a unique black and white design.

music tattoo design (30)

32. Electric Guitar

The great thing about this design is that it looks like the electric guitar is literally plugged right into the person’s arm. You won’t find a cooler design.

music tattoo design (31)

33. Musical Lyrics

What a gorgeous design. This large black and white design reads like poetry. If you want a large ribcage tattoo then try this one on for size.

music tattoo design (32)

34. Guitar Forest

I love this design! It’s gorgeous because the guitar forms a forest or the forest forms the guitar. The forest then turns into a city, as the arm of the guitar. The city may actually be Toronto, with the CN tower off in the distance.

music tattoo design (33)

35. Half a Guitar

This design is half of a guitar. It’s a dark design that looks incredible on the arm.

music tattoo design (35)

36. Notes on the Foot

This is a great design for the foot as it suits the positioning perfectly.

music tattoo design (36)

37. Music and Time

A creative design that anyone is sure to love. This tattoo is all about music and time and the colors are incredible.

music tattoo design (37)

38. Vintage Design

These music notes are in a vintage design. What a great design overall.

music tattoo design (38)

39. Twirling Sheet Music

This sheet music is twirling all along the arm in a unique design. What a great design for anyone looking for a fun look.

music tattoo design (39)

40. A Certain Song

It’s like your own song playing on your skin. A unique design that is so creative and original.

music tattoo design (40)

41. A Short Design

A simple design for behind the neck.

music tattoo design (41)

42. A Note With Significance

A great design that obviously has a lot of meaning.

music tattoo design (42)

43. The Rocker Look

The electric guitars really shine oin this tattoos amongst all the other designs. The colors really pop nicely.

music tattoo design (43)

44. A Guitar Note

A guitar in the form of a music note

music tattoo design (44)

45. The Skull Musician

A dead musician that has a bite down on a guitar.

music tattoo design (45)

46. A Large Note

A large stunning design that takes over the back quite nicely.

music tattoo design (46)

47. A Beautiful Bird

What a stunning bird with all the music it needs inside. A song bird perhaps.

music tattoo design (47)

48. Colorful Music

An old school cassette tape amongst so many other musical designs. These colors are bright and beautiful.

music tattoo design (48)

49. Black and Red

This black and red design that really makes the whole tattoo pop. Timing and music together.

music tattoo design (49)

50. Dancing Music

The music notes trail down the arm in an inspiring way.

music tattoo design (50)

51. A Colorful Design

Colors really bring out this design well.

music tattoo design (51)

52. The Keyboard

For those of you, that love the piano, this keyboard tattoo is a perfect design.

music tattoo design (52)

53. A Crushing Skull

This design has a guitar going through a skulls head.
music tattoo design (53)

54. Deep Red Guitar

A detailed guitar that’s all about musical lyrics and bright red.

music tattoo design (54)

55. A Statement

Maybe you don’t need a symbol but just a musical statement to go with your passion.

music tattoo design (55)

56. The Record Plays

A detailed design of a record player, an old school tattoo.

music tattoo design (56)

57. Old-fashioned Microphone

Bold colors and an old-fashioned look.

music tattoo design (57)

58. Sheet Music

This sheet music looks amazing on the ribcage.

music tattoo design (58)

59. Toe Notes

Another example of music notes on the foot.

music tattoo design (59)

60. A Wrist Note

A simple and elegant tattoo if you want something small.

music tattoo design (62)

61. Collarbone Notes

A small and simple design.

music tattoo design (63)

62. She’s a Guitar

What a great design as the girl has used her body to basically create a guitar. Very creative.

music tattoo design (64)

63. Middle of Back

A great back tattoo if you love music notes.

music tattoo design (65)

64. Sheet Finger

The middle finger displays the sheet notes.

music tattoo design (66)

65. A Song on the Hip

These music notes look great on the hip.

music tattoo design (67)

66. An Original Design

You don’t get more of a unique look then this one. Great design overall.

music tattoo design (68)

67. Love Headphones

These headphones are all about the love.

music tattoo design (69)

68. A Bowtie

This bowtie is in music notes.

music tattoo design (70)

69. A Tiny Music Note

This music note is so tiny it can just bareky fit on a finger.

music tattoo design (71)

70. Music to Your Ears

These music notes are hiding behind the ear, a very subtle tattoo.

music tattoo design (72)

71. Wooden Music Note

If you are looking for a really unique musical tattoo, then this twisted branch with the birds is a fantastic design to try.

music tattoo design (73)

72. Trailing Notes

These music notes trail down the back in an elegant manner. It’s a beautiful and simple design.

music tattoo design (74)

73. Heart Shaped

This heart-shaped love note is a cute design for the true romantic.

music tattoo design (75)

74. The Lifeline Heart

This tattoo is all about life, love and music all combined as one.

music tattoo design (76)

75. An Angel Guitar

This angel guitar is a one of a kind design with a lot of detail. The base of the guitar even has a skulls face.

music tattoo design (77)

76. Behind the Ear

Another example of some notes behind the ear.

music tattoo design (78)

77. A Work of Art

This scratchy design of the headphones with a signature looks like a true piece of art. A great design for anyone who has a career as a DJ.

music tattoo design (79)

78. The Piano

These music sheets make a great shoulder tattoo for those that want something medium sized.

music tattoo design (80)

79. Big Music

This ribcage tattoo is rather large in proportions of the design. It’s very bold and eye-catching, though.

music tattoo design (82)

80. A Guitar Among the Vines

This is a simple tattoo on the wrist for the music lover who wants something small.

music tattoo design (83)

81. Flowing Music

These flowing music notes are another example of a behind the ear tattoo.

music tattoo design (84)

82. Music on the Foot

These notes look great as a foot tattoo.

music tattoo design (85)

83. Butterflies in Song

These butterflies are flying to the sound of music.

music tattoo design (86)

84. Just Press Play

This unique design is all about the need to play the next song. It’s an original and very cool tattoo.

music tattoo design (87)

85. Music from the Heart

Another behind the ear tattoo, this one in the shape of a musical heart.

music tattoo design (89)

86. Stars in Music

This is a very creative musical design because the music notes in these tattoos are made up of stars which is a really unique way of bringing it together.

music tattoo design (91)

87. Blue Recorder

This blue record player brings you back to another time. The colors make you think of the universe at large.

music tattoo design (92)

88. Boom Box

This is an old school boom box that will bring you back to the good old days.

music tattoo design (93)

89. Double Mics

This mock-up gives you an idea of what a double mic would look like on your hips.

music tattoo design (94)

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