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90 Righteous vs. Evil Mermaid Tattoo Ideas for Your Wild Side


Mermaids are known differently depending on which legend you are familiar with. They are beautiful creatures with an amazing voice that lure sailors their way. Their intentions are never clear. They might offer refuge and sometimes pleasure, but at the same time they might be deadly. This contrasting image of a mermaid is quite intriguing. The idea of duality can be easily applied to a person who is utterly charming, compassionate and kind , but he or she is also able to do dastardly deeds. A mermaid tattoo would be awesome if that’s your case.

The Moon and the mermaids are connected, just as the sea is influenced by the Moon. A representation of Yin, these sea creatures are symbols for wild, free, fluid, sensual, elusive, knowledgeable, alluring, emotional, seductive, intuitive, reflective, enchanting and tempestuous. In addition, since the element of water is connected to deep physic abilities, it’s said that mermaids can see the core of a human. So, as you can see, there are multiple levels on which you can relate to a mermaid.

Types of Mermaid Tattoo Designs

A mermaid tattoo can be approached from multiple perspectives. You can think of it as an ode to the sea, when they offer refuge in case of turbulent waters and invite to freedom through swimming. Moreover, it’s said that mermaids are descendants of Aphrodite and Venus. They are the goddesses of love and beauty. So, this means they can be used to depict vanity. Another type of mermaid tattoo you can get is one that shows sensuality. Last but not least, the dual type of a mermaid can be represented by different tattooing styles and darker designs. As for styles, you’ll see that many artists experiment by applying different techniques with or without color.

Pain Expectancy vs. Your Personal Tolerance

A mermaid tattoo can hurt more or less depending on a few factors, such as size, body area and personal tolerance. A tiny tattoo placed behind your ear will just make you feel uncomfortable for a few minutes. However, that will not happen if you want to ink your thigh with a large, colored mermaid design. Even so, the human body can stand three hours of mild pain without giving up. Several numbing creams are also available on the market, but you’ll have to talk with your tattooist about that.

Take the Aftercare Stage Seriously

Any tattoo you care for will look than times better than one you neglect. Except the danger of infection, you can risk to ruin the colors in your tattoo by not taking proper care. The aftercare steps are pretty easy. You need to wash your tattoo, dry it will paper towels and then apply a special cream on it. These steps must be repeated at least two times a day until the wound is healed and the masterpiece is revealed from under your skin!

Break Your Piggy Bank for a Tattoo

A mermaid tattoo is not easy to conceive and even ink. Therefore, you’ll need to find someone experienced who knows a thing or two about the human anatomy. You might be surprised how knowledgeable one has to be in order to draw and ink a humanoid combined with a fish. The colors and the tattoo style can be more challenging or not, depending on what you have in mind. So, expect to pay between $50 and $100 for a small tattoo or be charged by the hour, depending on each parlor’s hourly fee.

1. Mermaid lets her wavy tresses down


Depicted as sensual beings, mermaids are playful and not shy at all. However, they are mysterious. Placed on a girl’s thigh, this design accentuates her femininity.

2. An impossible love story


It’s said that mermaids used to lure married men with their charms. So, they were obviously attracted to human men.

3. A tiny mermaid in black


This behind the ear tattoo features the silhouette of a mermaid and other sea creatures.

4. A neo-traditional depiction on foot


This representation of a mermaid is neo-traditional and features bright colors.

5. Watercolor mermaid tattoo on abs


6. Mermaid swims on shoulder


7. Traditional mermaid and an anchor


A nautical tattoo inked in traditional style, this one contains two symbols of the sea, namely the anchor and the mermaid.

8. Watercolor mermaid on hip


Watercolors are more romantic for women, so they tend to opt for wavy, naturally flowing techniques.

9. Ariel seen through a magical mirror


This is the famous mermaid Ariel, seen through a fancy, sea themed mirror.

10. An attractive mermaid tattoo


11. Ariel swims with her companions


12. Mermaid in her natural habitat


An arm tattoo, this one features are realistic style and consists of different fish, a blonde mermaid and other sea elements.

13. A tail instead of a ring


14. Spectacular fish patterns on a forearm


15. Mysterious mermaid waiting for sailors


16. Mermaid runs through blood


17. Seductive blonde fish on foot


18. Beauty and color in one tattoo


19. Underboob tattoo of a swimming creature


This underboob tattoo is really inspired! Even if it’s only an outline of a mermaid, it fits perfectly on the chosen area.

20. Old school depiction in black and white


When the traditional tattooing style appeared, sailors used to get tattooed first. They got anchors, mermaids and other popular symbols.

21. Femininity and an explosion of color


22. Old school fish woman


23. Cool mermaid, bad tattoo


If you want to stay away from unsuccessful tattoos like this one, then you should be prepared to pay more for quality.

24. A traditionally filled pattern


25. Watercolors shaping a thinking  sea creature


26. Ariel and her minions on wrist


Since Ariel is such a known character, at least to older generations, you’ll see lots of Ariel themed tattoos.

27. Carefully inked in liner


28. Caught between two worlds


29. Blushing mermaid poses for men


Victorian wives used to be pissed when they heard about mermaids trying to steal their husbands.

30. Classic brunette as a seductive mermaid


Each person has his or her own vision of a mermaid. You can practically ink an ideal woman with a fish bottom.

31. Back piece inked in neo-traditional style


Colorful and large, this neo-traditional tattoo highlights the beauty of the mermaid and her playfulness as well.

32. The outline of Ariel


A simple tattoo featuring just the outline of the famous Ariel is a great idea if you don’t want something complicated.

33. Mermaid emerging out of water


34. The symbolism between the Moon and the female sea creature


35. Mermaid with a baby


36. Sea goddess with braided tail


This sea goddess was represented with a braided tail. Its tail may be decorated with various ornaments, not necessarily with scales.

37. Green scales on foot


38. Waiting quietly in the shadow


39. Flowing outline of a swimming goddess


40. Stylish mermaid with transparent tail


41. Painting technique applied on skin


This technique isn’t popular when it comes to tattoos. If I’m not mistaken, this is called cubism. However, if looks really good in a weird way.

42. An indecent mermaid swimming


The artist left little to the imagination when he or she inked this indecent mermaid tattoo.

43. A splash of vivid colors


44. Ariel being Ariel


45. The portrait of a sea goddess


This piece is a composition that comprises the portrait of a sea goddess plus nautical elements such as shell, lighthouse, scales, and rudder.

46. Beautiful portrait of a mermaid


Another exquisite portrait, this one excels thanks to the chosen hues and the model itself.

47. Unlimited pearls for who finds them


Did you notice that usually mermaids have pearls around their necks? This is because they find shells with pearls inside them and use them to embellish themselves.

48. Sensuality and attractiveness with watercolors


49. Emerging from the depths of the sea


50. A henna tattoo done well


51. A modern mermaid representation


52. Do you suppose she’s a wild flower?


53. Nautical themed leg tattoos


This chick has dedicated the back of her two legs for themed tattoos. She got everything figured out and kept the sanctity of the traditional style. The creature with a fish’s head is more of a legend than the mermaid is.

54. Sea nymph on a land nymph


55. Half naked temptress and a ship


This compositions tells the story of the sailor’s encounters with enticing, half-naked sea women.

56. Pieces as a zodiac sign


57. Stockings made of fish scales


This girl’s idea isn’t the most original one, but she looks great with her inked stockings using scale patterns, doesn’t she?

58. Neo-traditional tattoo of a pin up mermaid


59. Seductive Ariel in a symmetrical frame


60. Swimming towards the surface


The silhouette of a mermaid swimming towards the surface is more meaningful than it is visually appealing.

61. The sign of pieces and duality in one


This tattoo expresses the ideal of duality best. Although it may also refer to the zodiac sign Pisces, it still holds the same meaning.

62. Variously colored scales on girl


63. Black and white scales on girl


Body transformations can become quite radical for some people. This girl only has a few scales tattooed on her thigh and hip so far.

64. Loneliness at sea


65. A mermaid outlined nicely


66. A patch of fish scales


There’s no need to go big as long as you catch the essence of your passions.

67. Nurturing a baby mermaid


68. Better version of mermaid with child


69. The waves can’t keep her in


Wild and adventurous, a mermaid will not be kept hidden unless she wants to.

70. Mermaid as mother


71. Watercolors outlining the silhouette of a sea nymph


Watercolors are bright, happy and positive in any tattoo. The mastermind behind this one decided that he or she can use colors to create the silhouette of a sea nymph.

72. Skeleton versus mermaid


This tattoo design could refer to the dark side of a mermaid or to the fact that they don’t live forever either.

73. Stomach piece of a swimming creature


The stomach is the most unusual body area where you’ll see a mermaid, but it does have enough space to carry out.

74. Fish tail on foot


75. Chubby mermaid and a sea horse


76. Keeping it simple with black shading


Sometimes merely suggesting an idea is enough. However, tattoos are mostly visual, so you need to find a balance.

77. A tattoo of a tattooed half-fish


I think it’s funny how this sea lady has tattoos on her that stand out due to the use of different ink. It’s almost like she has worse tattoos that the person who got this tattoo.

78. Human and fish skeletons merging


Anatomically speaking, this tattoo is quite interesting. It puts human bones with fish bones together and connects them in a way that they fit. This is a more morbid and evil view of the sea lady.

79. Sexy mermaid poses half nude


Mermaids are known to be anything but conservative. They would toss all the rules aside and lure men with their nakedness and charms.

80. Tribal ornaments inside a silhouette


A truly unique vision over the tribal style and the shape of a mermaid, this tattoo is detailed, feminine and most probably customized.

81. Active and brightly colored


Seeing a mermaid in action would be an honor. However, if you cannot do that, you could at least get inked with such theme.

82. Reefs accompanying a sea beauty


This sea beauty lives in a natural habitat where reefs grow freely and accompany them.

83. Cuddling in a shell


In this image, a pearl serves as a pillow, while a shell serves as bed for a mermaid who likes to cuddle.

84. Side body tattoo with watercolors


The black lines are meant to keep the color in place, addition some dimension and durability to this watercolor piece.

85. A huge leg tattoo


Such tattoo requires dedication due to its size. In addition, it illustrates a more unusual-looking mermaid.

86. The way mermaids seduce


87. Contemporary galaxy tattoo mixed with a mermaid


This tattoo is atypical because it features a contemporary tattooing style that is merged with a mermaid. Basically, a mermaid is also part of the galaxy, right?

88. Ribs tattoo of a faceless mermaid


With her hair flowing like it’s still in the water, this mermaid is faceless. This could mean they are not seen as individual beings.

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