70 Best Corset Piercing Ideas to Try out

Corset piercing ideas1

The fascination for corsets and the female body is not a passing trend. Women have been wearing corsets for centuries in order to accentuate their waist and to enhance their bust. These corset piercing ideas are part of the modern world and they might be considered a little extreme.Women modify their bodies in many different ways, but those who chose one of the following corset piercing ideas took things to a whole new level. You’ll see that the results are astonishing and their beauty is ravishing. The cost of all that is sometimes more than a dozen holes poked through their skin.

When they want to obtain the corset effect, these beautiful beings use different colored ribbons. Their whole image becomes both powerful and fragile. You can express your femininity in this slightly extreme way too, but only after looking at 50+ corset piercing ideas.

1. Piercings and beads

Corset piercing ideas1

Jewelry is made for thin, sensual body parts like neck, wrist and finger. However, when you attach black beads to round piercings on a woman’s back, you create a piece of art.

2. A pierced cleavage

Corset piercing ideas2

These corset piercing ideas apply to cleavages and necks, not only to backs. They maintain the corset look, so they count.

3. Hourglass piercing corset

Corset piercing ideas3

Men aren’t completely ignorant to this trend either. This one got an hourglass shaped piercing corset on his back. He needed around 40 piercings to pull this off.

4. Pretty feet corset piercing ideas

Corset piercing ideas4

For some people, feet are just as important as other body parts, if not more. Those embellish their feet and the result may leave you speechless!

5. Girly corset piercing ideas

Corset piercing ideas5

The line between girly and sensual is not that thin. Here’s an idea that speaks of playfulness, not of sensuality.

6. Ornamental leg piercings

Corset piercing ideas6

This woman chose to place ornamental elements across her leg. Her piercings are healed and looking great! The combination of purple and black ribbons flatters her.

7. Thighs piercing corset

Corset piercing ideas7

The effect of all corset piercing ideas for legs is thinning. Basically, we’re dealing with a visual effect that draws attention to the corset, not the thighs.

8. Half calf corset

Corset piercing ideas8

This woman is also tattooed, so she’s no stranger to pain. Her half calf corset requires some serious dedication!

9. Like a butterfly

Corset piercing ideas9

Not really among the corset piercing ideas, this idea uses arm piercings and back piercings to create a butterfly effect. This type of body modification can be related to bondage.

10. Legs adorned in black and red

Corset piercing ideas10

By the look of this masterpiece, it was done by a professional. The distances between the piercings must be carefully calculated before using the needle.

11. Extremely detailed corset design

Corset piercing ideas11

While some persons prefer the classical shape of a corset, others go for detailed versions that include tens of piercings and lots of ribbons.

12. Corsets for wrists

Corset piercing ideas12

Purple ribbons tied to piercings create two ideally shaped corsets for wrists. This is genius!

13. Perfectly centered corset

Corset piercing ideas13

All corset piercing ideas derived from perfectly centered models. This one is flawless and speaks of an extreme type of sexy.

14. Side body corset

Corset piercing ideas14

If I think about it, there aren’t too many body parts avoided by corset piercings enthusiasts. All piercing ideas have a way of turning up great.

15. Up-close body corset

Corset piercing ideas15

Some people ink their ribs, while others decorate them with round piercings and black ribbon. This is the beauty of diversity and that’s why you must decide if you’re into this or not.

16. Sexy waist corset

Corset piercing ideas16

Corsets may vary from neck to lower back or in between. This design tends to accentuate this vixen’s waist and make you feel a tingling sensation maybe?

17. Gloves made of piercings

Corset piercing ideas17

Have you seen goth gloves that look exactly like this woman’s arms? These corset piercing ideas reproduce pieces of clothing too!

18. Passion through piercings

Corset piercing ideas18

You can be passionate about piercings and express passion with them! Red is the color of passion, so when you combine red with piercings, the result is hot!

19. As thin as an ankle

Corset piercing ideas19

Several corset piercing ideas are meant to make your body parts look thinner. The emphasis is on this girl’s ankle, which continues with the pink ribbon.

20. Corset piercing ideas over tattoos

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In case you want to have both piercings and tattoos in the same area, you have to use different types of piercings and you’ll need the help of a professional. This is a job that must be taken painstakingly.

21. Insert with care

Corset piercing ideas22

Considering the fact that piercings are situated under a thin layer of skin, the afferent ribbon must be inserted with care and in a sterile environment.

22. Two rows of ribbon

Corset piercing ideas23

Corset piercing ideas comprise a large variety of arrangements. This one is based on two rows of piercings, connected with a gray, transparent ribbon.

23. Suffering for beauty

Corset piercing ideas24

This image presents the sore skin that has just been pierced. There is beauty in the pain of getting pierced too because it is part of the whole process.

24. Corset piercing sisters

Corset piercing ideas26

With a partner in crime, so to speak, even piercing your skin becomes more bearable. These girls both have beautifully placed rings and black ribbons.

25. Row of piercings

Corset piercing ideas21

This guy took it up a notch by piercing his face, arm and his back and putting a red ribbon through his row of piercings. This is not really a corset, but it is based on the same idea.

26. Between shoulder blades

Corset piercing ideas25

Shoulder blades are excellent reference points when you want to create the illusion of a corset with the help of piercings.

27. Short, pierced gloves

Corset piercing ideas27

A little shorter than the previous version, these too look like gloves. They can be conveniently removed thanks to this accessible location compared with one’s back for example.

28. A horizontal row

Corset piercing ideas28

Based on the corset piercing ideas, this woman got a horizontal row of piercings that she tied up with ribbon similar to her dress.

29. Metal and ribbon

Corset piercing ideas29

An original design, this one contains extra rings and ribbon too.

30. Black and white


After the skin is healed, you can change your rings with different ones and the ribbon as well. This is the way to alternate colors.

31. Mysterious cleavage with piercings

Corset piercing ideas31

Wearing a corset made of ribbon and piercings on your cleavage is like wearing a big piece of jewelry.

32. Corset piercings like dresses

Corset piercing ideas32

This design looks like it’s part of a dress.

33. Straight row of piercings

Corset piercing ideas33

Parallel with the spine, this row of piercings is straight.

34. Choker and cleavage

Corset piercing ideas35

The choker is a nice addition to all corset piercing ideas.

35. Red choker idea

Corset piercing ideas36

You can change the color of your choker any time.

36. Black and pink

Corset piercing ideas37

These piercings were all done at once. I can tell thanks to the markings on her skin.

37. Thick black and pink

Corset piercing ideas38

A variation of ribbon textures and colors is always welcome.

38. Blonde with cleavage

Corset piercing ideas39

Which is do you like better? Corset or no corset?

39. White isn’t innocent

Corset piercing ideas40

These corset piercing ideas make me think of white socks. Am I right?

40. White and leopard

Corset piercing ideas41

Express your personality with different types of ribbons.

41. Red and black glove

Corset piercing ideas42

A version of a glove with black and red ribbons.

42. Fashionable blue and black

Corset piercing ideas43

You can match the color of your ribbons with your outfit anytime!

43. Loose black choker

Corset piercing ideas44

You don’t really have to choke yourself with this choker.

44. Pretty in red

Corset piercing ideas45

This girl knows how to accessorize!

45. Goths like chokers too

Corset piercing ideas46

An underground community, goths may also relate to these corset piercing ideas.

46. Leather and piercings

Corset piercing ideas47

Leather lovers or fetishists may find this idea thrilling! Do you?

47. Simple red choker

Corset piercing ideas48

No woman can ever go wrong by choosing red.

48. Lower back corset

Corset piercing ideas49

Lower back corset piercings flatter any type of body shape!

49. Corset covers a tattoo

Corset piercing ideas50

The combination between tattoos and piercings is possible and visually appealing too!

50. Not too tight

Corset piercing ideas51

A professional can show you how tight you can tie your ribbons.

51. Cute choker on a boy

Corset piercing ideas52

Guys aren’t really into chokers, but his looks extra cute!

52. Ten for center

Corset piercing ideas53

Less commitment isn’t necessarily less beautiful!

53. Oddly shaped rings

Corset piercing ideas54

This is not your regular beaded ring. It must be something special!

54. Stomach corset piercing

Corset piercing ideas55

I must admit that I am not a fan of these corset piercing ideas, but they do flatter one’s abs.

55. Red abs corset

Corset piercing ideas56

This is a creative way of highlighting your abs.

56. Corset as a black hourglass

Corset piercing ideas57

This is a pretty classical design that could never fail a woman’s curves.

57. Nice and tight

Corset piercing ideas58

Healed skin allows you to tie the ribbon tighter.

58. Long ribbon for man’s corset

Corset piercing ideas59

Long ribbons don’t look as impressive as short, tight ones, but I guess this idea is excellent for men.

59. From corset to belly button

Corset piercing ideas60

Spread the ribbon all over your body if that makes you happy!

60. Three sided corset

Corset piercing ideas61

Not all corset piercing ideas include countless rows of piercings.

61. Choker and chains

Corset piercing ideas62

The choker contributes to this girl’s though image, don’t you think?

62. Ribbons and flowers

Corset piercing ideas63

Looks like you can decorate the decorations! I didn’t think of that before!

63. Ribbon rows like braided hair

Corset piercing ideas64

These two ribbon rows are quite similar to braided hair, don’t you think?

64. A reverse choker

Corset piercing ideas65

Just tie the ribbons in the opposite way to obtain this cool effect!

65. Neck to lower back

Corset piercing ideas66

Getting pierced so many times is what commitment and passion look like!

66. Infinity of possibilities

Corset piercing ideas67

When you have so many piercings, you can use your imagination and create different patterns.

67. The magic of colors

Corset piercing ideas68

This is a cool trick you can use, but it’s not like a corset per se.

68. Cool big ribbons

Corset piercing ideas69

As soon as you have the piercings, you can tie the ribbons!

69. Less is more

Corset piercing ideas70

Less piercings are more comfortable and the result is still to die for!

70. Pink for a girly mood

Corset piercing ideas71

You can always replace the ribbon depending on your mood. Go pink!

Depending on how complex you want your design to be, you can pay between $100 and $500 at a salon. Caring for corset piercing is simple and pretty straightforward.

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